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So we just finished our current war, however, the past two wars we’ve had some strange things happen. The previous war, a members “participate” box WAS checked, however, they were not added to the war. Then our last war (the one we just finished today) a members “participate” box somehow got unchecked & she was shocked as she stated she didn’t uncheck the box. Is anyone else having these same or similar issues?

Do you know if the box was ticked/unticked before or after the matching had strated?
This can only be done before matching begins, once it stats the changes will not affect participation in the next war.

Happy fighting!

Alex77, thank you for your response. The participation box for both members WAS checked. They have participated in EVERY war & we generally ask people, during matching phase, to “uncheck” if they can’t participate & to make sure the box “IS checked” if they are going to participate. That’s why we are thinking this is/was a glitch in the system, twice. We even started to wonder if there was a limit on how many players could participate based on the number of players were matched with but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Thank you for your input, I believe it’s still a mystery lol

Oh, also, the players noted they weren’t in the war yet they looked & the participation box WAS checked even though they were not included in that war.

Sounds like a glitch. The only thing that comes to mind is to take screenshots and open a support ticket. Nothing can be done about this now as it already happened but it would be worth having it resolved :slight_smile:

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