War teams reset bonus

IMO it would be appropriate to get a 200-500 point bonus for resetting an alliances teams during a war. It would add a strategy and influence players decisions on team power.

I don’t know where else to post this other than making a new thread, so… I have a question…

Does your alliance get bonus points for resetting your opponent’s alliance war board?

I don’t believe so, @bobiscool. I think the “bonus” comes by having an opportunity to get more than the possible 3 kills per player without a reset. You may find this helpful. It starts talking about war resets under the sub-heading “Value of Full-Alliance Reset”…

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I’m glad I found this post again because I remember making it in light of a recent discovery. I would like to backtrack on my previous reply because I stumbled across this while more thoroughly looking at in-game info surrounding wars…

Now how many bonus points that is, I am unsure of? I’ve heard it’s like 30? @Guvnor or @zephyr1? Do either of you know?

Edit: Actually, that’s talking about individual teams, isn’t it? Not a full alliance reset?


Its about individual teams.


The total points available for an entire alliance is 1500 (1000 points for killing heroes and 500 bonus points), and it is divided among each individual defense team proportionally to the total HP of each team. So if there was a 2 person alliance, and the total HP of the each defense team was 2000 and 3000 respectively, then team 1 will be worth 400+200 points and team 2 will be worth 600+300 points.


I’ve never really noticed or heard of those points being given for a reset.

I don’t think there is. I was mistaken.

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