War teams numbers in Green bar?

When we are prepping for war, if you look at your own team , I’m trying to figure out what the “green” bar numbers above my hero’s represent. Anyone know? I’ve searched the forum but haven’t found anything about those numbers. Thank you :blush:

You mean the white numbers on the green bar? It’s the heros HP, health points


A visual representation of how much hp each hero has left


Health with troop effect included.

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Thank you everyone. So, if it’s hp’s What would be the point of us knowing this info? Can we see the opposing teams hp’s once the war starts?

Not certain—HPs are the basis for calculating what a team is worth, but the team value is clearly visible. I guess it’s the troop effect (and future class system) that would be hard to see otherwise.

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Once war has started you’ll be able to see the same bar for your opponents. Tap on their team info button and you’ll see the bar above (or below - I forget) each opponent.

I often look at this to see how much an opponent is damaged before deciding which team to take against them.


Thank you everyone for your help & input. I appreciate the info

I find that the bars are most useful for gauging how injured an enemy team is that’s been hit already. It makes planning a finishing strike a little quicker.

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