War team suggestion

Probably been suggested-why not not make defense teams same as attack teams in that they are one use only. We have team slot so why not make it that if a defense team is beat thats it they dont come back instead its onto defense team 2. This might help with alliance who get stuck in matchups which look even on the surface but get torn up because of the depth of the opponent depth which doesnt seem to be considered in matchmaking. Mid and low-accepting of any player-team dont always have much depth but becauce they all maybe have that one decent team get matched to ones that maybe have a couple really great teams, but because they cant clear the field or only clear once, then are forced to waste attacks on high teams because thats all thats left to fight. Yes we all know you have to build depth but im not talking about the god alliances, playing for over a year my friend only just got a 4th team over 3k

Btw this has nothing to do with aif? Or anything like that, im just saying you can only attack once with a team so it should be like that with defence, can only defend once, if they die they are dead and cant be used again. I think that would make things way more interesting

Do i do anything more to post this? I do hope someome from small giant can say if this idea is possible ir not, all my friends like it and told me to post it…

Unfortunately, for low level players, such practice would be impossible to sustain… as I’m sure you are aware, lots and lots of players don’t have enough depth to put up one decent defense team to follow the alliance strategy regarding tank color, which is a most common and simple war defense strategy. So, if you are, let’s say, in an alliance that uses red war tanks, as a new to medium level player, you will have a very hard time providing one decent maxed and emblemed red tank, while providing a second one, for a second team, would be impossible in most cases. So, in many situations, the second or third defense team would look like Aife / Aife / Aife / Aife /Aife…

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Actually that’s what would make interesting, people would have to think about how they slotted there additional teams, 2nd 3rd ect. And the workaround for the aife (don’t know what that stands for btw) could it stops at the last viable team available ie heros that have actually been levelled ect. There’s only 5 normal slots i think and you can buy more i know, my bff has 7, one dedicated to raid defense and the other 6 to line up her war teams. I just think it would be more interesting if you could get those cpl 4k teams off the board knowing you wouldn’t have to face them again so the mid lvl people would know they’ll have a chance at getting a more even matched team later rather then everyone just throwing everthing against them, this i’m talking late in the war when the easier teams aren’t going to regen b4 its over, is always the same 2 or 3 3.9k or 4k teams left and no one with anything to fight that

Preset war teams? Interesting concept, but I don’t see how that would be efficient. I build my attack teams after considering the chosen enemy, so I don’t need any slots for temporary war teams.

There is already existig topic with similar suggestion

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