War team problem

How is possible. Player 53. Lvl has all 6 team for enemies over 4500 power? I think this game has security holes

How do you know that they have 6 x War Teams over 4500 strength

Player level just don´t mean a thing. i know a few players who never ever farm anything.

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this player has attacked 6 times players who have over 4500 power. for that level it is really impossible

I think it’s either:

  1. OP is level 53 and had to fight 6 teams over 4500 TP during war
  2. OP watched someone on Youtube doing their war hits and is surprised this player has this many powerful heroes (so they can make 6 war teams over 4500 TP each)

Do you mean that it’s impossible for a player with a low level (53) to have heroes strong enough to beat 4500TP teams? Because player level doesn’t mean anything and has nothing to do with how many heroes the player has or how powerful they are.


This means nothing… he just got good boards. This isn’t chess. Your performance here, heavily depends on the boards you get. A mono team on a favorable board will easily shatter any defence. RNG can decide for that to happen 6 times in a row. Nothing unusual there…


Say what now?

I have lower level alliance mates who don’t spend time farming the map (best way to level up quickly), but have impressive hero rosters because they raid and spend their game time developing their heros & troops. As others have said, player level does not reveal the depth of one’s hero roster.

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The power of money can also make almost everything possible.:man_shrugging:t4:

This game isn’t just a matter of numbers. Anybody can be lucky and be able to beat stronger enemies.

I’m just wondering who gets weaker enemies to fight? Sometimes the raid function throws up one it shouldn’t have matched me with but usually they are all stronger.

It’s sometimes impossible to fight against enemies with the same level. Some colleagues of my alliance try fighting with stronger enemies and become successful. It isn’t logical, but it’s possible.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I could deal with three 4500 teams, but beating the other 3 would be more than a miracle (I’m an active 58 level player).:sweat_smile:

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Fortunately I can put together 5 good 4 star mono teams but as you know, mono teams are often weaker in tp than a rainbow and then you need a nice board. I’m only a level 44, my strongest team is 3900tp…


I don’t like going with mono teams in wars, unlike in raids. I suppose that’s the trick that some people use, but I’d feel very insecure, despite having enough 4* heroes.

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Game randomness: Sometimes I face an enemy who defeats me with all heroes up, right next I destroy the defense In few moves.


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