War: Team point calculations don't make sense

These are two war defenses we currently have set up. This cannot be calculating points correctly. Dazey has the same number of HOTM and standard heroes as me. I have higher troop levels and she has a hero that’s not even maxed. Her team power is 4075 and mine is 4117, so how can it possibly be saying her team is worth 53 points and mine is worth 51 points?


I saw Healers and AoE heroes in war defence team giving additional points

The points you get to defeating an enemy isn’t based on team power, it is based on health (hit points). 1500 points are distributed across the alliance based on health ratios.


Really? I haven’t seen it put like that before.

That seems an even worse metric than team power.

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They maybe thinking it represents durability. You would think if that was the goal using defense would work better.

This is really rudonkeylous! So, Aegir is worth 2 points more than Alasie :smiley:

Maybe it is because Aegir is the crown jewel of SGG. The best hero ever and ever!!! :wink:

Good evening guys. My compliments for this wonderful game. I take care to tell us about a strange problem in the event war today during my first three attack. I have attacked enemy squad but his heroes didn’t last stamina. I was sure it wasn’t effect of any special power of any hero.

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