War team advice - what's the latest thinking?

What’s the latest thinking on war set up in the mid to high levels (i.e. 5* characters (emblemed between 3-15 levels)?

I’ve heard talk that healers are frowned upon in defence teams as you move up the game, and that it’s more beneficial to include all hitters. But I’m wondering where the trade off is in terms of levels.

For example, I’ve got Kunchen at level 15 - is that less beneficial than Dom level 5? Or Quintus level 13?

Are healers frowned upon? Do you have to be a certain level for this to be true?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Depends very much on the position. If your team is on purple tanks Kunchen is still a solid choice. He could work at flank…but on wing high players might laugh at that.

Depends on your available heroes. I think Ariel is one of the best healers in wars. Finley and Alice (Alasie) are excellent blue offensive choices…so you need to decide.

And it is a difference if you time your healer to trigger in the right moment or the AI just triggers as soon as he/she is fully charged…you simply can trigger the opposing healer with tiles when they are on full health and their skill is wasted.

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There are heroes that are made tank that does nothing to the attacking forces, i.e. Vivica, Ares, Zulag, etc. by reason that their skills involve direct healing or HoT plus other buffs. They are called tile dump tanks. Kunchen, while having tanky stats especially when emblemed, not only heals himself and allies, he renders defense down to the attackers resulting to a much higher regular or skills damage from Kunchen’s defending allies. Most favored are tanks that does not only do some buffs and/or heals allies, but provide status ailments against enemies plus damage, if any. Telluria is one fine example of that kind of tank. Not only she has tanky stats and perfect class for tanking, her heal over time and minions to allies plus the mana regen ailment to enemies and minor initial damage makes her suitable in tanking, especially the original version when released in the live game. Ursena, though not as tanky as Telly, when made as tank, make the player think twice of bringing holy heroes against her because of her reflect while dealing massive AOE damage to all enemy heroes. Black Knight has good tanking stats, gives attack buff to allies while protecting his allies because of his taunt and all incoming damage due to him has a 50% to only deal 1 damage because of his JUST A FLESH WOUND skills.

Level has nothing to do with it. It depends on the raid arena and alliance you are in as they involve the level of players you are regularly raiding and the level of the alliance you are regularly warring with.

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I used to have Mother Noth on my defense for a long time and it worked pretty well (-Top150 or so).
In top 100 i highly recommend to leave the healers on the bench. You can just charge you heroes throwing tiles at healers. They just don´t do anything.

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When our team started to work together we had success with repeatedly taking out the smalls and then piling in during the second 1/2. Recently we have be getting hammered by each member of the opposition has 100-200 on each of us when matched. They have enough power to flip us in the first half and twice in the second. We can only flip them twice in the second half. ANY suggestions

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