WAR: tank tactics

I’m sure there’s a discussion or thread about this already, but I could not find one dedicated to it. Feel free to direct me to it if so, and I’ll remove this. Otherwise let’s get on with it!

I’d like some insight on what you all think is the best tank tactic for war? One color for all tanks wins the day? Freelance, and let all members use their best? It changes depending on “aid” eg. Rush, Field Aid, etc…? What color seems to be strongest if there is one, and why do you feel it reigns supreme? Examples of the tanks you hate fighting most, and why?

Thanks in advance!

Most competitive alliances do this: one-color tanks. The rationale behind is to have the enemy deplete as many strong tank counter heroes later on, forcing them to use more than 1 war flag against a single enemy team. The more cleanup chore the enemy does, the more likely they will lose that war. As to “wins the day”, RNG still wins.

This is mostly employed by small and non-competitive alliances. I would love facing such enemy alliances during wars. Regrettably, I don’t see them anymore.

Not really, but certain war support does make you feel that certain heroes are well suited for very fast wars. So, if a 30-member alliance, half of them have an Alfrike while others don’t but have decent purple heroes like Ursena, Kunchen, etc., that alliance may opt for purple tanks during VF wars and revert back to their usual war tanks on other war support.

A few months ago, that would be green because of Telluria. Now he has been nerfed twice, but some, if not most, alliances still use green tanks (including my alliance) by reason that they don’t have better alternative since other good tanks are behind a paywall, i.e. Garnet, Black Knight, S3 heroes, etc. Currently, the meta has been shifting. Top alliances are using red tanks for wars, with Frigg and/or costumed Kadilen and/or Odin flanking, and at the wings are Onyx and Cobalt, or Finley and Killhare/Jabberwock.

None. I have deep enough roster of heroes. I use mono. I don’t care which hero is tanking, just let me match 3 favorable 3-tile combination so that I can either kill the tank or the weak enemy hero defending, or both, and finish the job.


@Ultra gives excellent advice, as always.

I absolutely despise Aegir. My greens suck on offense (Tarlak, Telluria, Atomos), and I seem to get poor boards too often. My 4* green/blue dispellers have no emblems, so they just don’t last long enough against 4600+ teams.

I did just get Isarnia maxed, so I hope that will change things. I also have Zeline waiting in line (Buddy’s getting finished first; I don’t have the tonics anyway), and that DEFINITELY will change things.


Ursena, Heimdahl, Seshat (and a vote for Onatel on flank. and that damned Atomos (I think one, one hit 5 heros in a go)


Really? On my monoyellow team, Ursena dies in 3 tiles.

My favorite among green tanks as he is slow and passive enough not to do anything to my heroes when he casts his skills. My main monored team kills the tank in 4 tiles composed of BT+19, Wilbur+20, Falcon+18, Mitsuko+20 and maxed unemblemed Azlar. Telly tanks, however, slows my monoreds, and I cant afford that on my reds who mostly charge on 9 tiles. Against Telly, I use either my first or second monogreen team.

Eh? Why? She dies easily, too. But to be fair, I only faced a Seshat tank once or twice and cant remember how many tiles from a strong monoyellow team will it take to kill her.

Yeah, she is annoying at flank. I often ignore her when facing her since most players emblem her def>HP>att path, and devote my time killing other more dangerous heroes. My Onatel is at +18 opting for att>def>HP nodes.

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Same. In war I target either Heim or MN for my mono blue

She used to be scary, when she could lurk in the corner and keep spawning minions and shooting you until you died. Stacked yellows will take her out, or Gefjon can steal her minions, or Noor can keep her permanently minionless (demoted to Domitia status), or you Grimble or Skadi can use her minions against her…


Wow. Using monoblue against Heimdall or MN tanks. I never tried mine against any of those heroes tanking. I am not supposed to be surprised since I use my main monogreen against Garnet and Black Knight tanks and have very very very good results, allowing me to fill my raid chests quick. Who are your blues then? I still cant do it on mine since i still need to get my 2nd blue mana troop to level 17 for me to have 4 of my heroes fire their skills in 9 tiles. I can let my Ariel fire later on.

Well, if she is in the corner, I don’t mind her much. Let her cast her skills, I dont care. She cannot kill my heroes with almost full health like a defending Lianna do, and even if she does, my Albe is always there ready to resurrect my fallen heroes 1/3 of the time. She was so much hyped back then that they fully emblem their Seshat that I failed to understand why so, thus, keeping mine to only +7, decent enough for her to deal a little more damage while making her a bit sturdier, on top of the bypass talent she has, which for me does not really amount to much since most of the heroes targeted have their buffs dispelled already. She only has the potential of killing one hero. But if it is Onyx, Killhare or Jabberwock, that would be a different matter.

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First hit in this:

I have one 17 troop for Frida, one 5+ troop for C Kiril. Need to get my 3rd troop to 5 to get Kiril to 9 tiles too. Vela is already fast, but Richard is very far away from being anywhere near 9 tiles.

Note if you do end up dissecting any of my war hits, I do realise that I made a number of mistakes mostly around war equaliser timings/conditions

I have a decent yet , not great , mono yellow team. The problem with that , against Ursena, is that if you don’t get a favourable board ( more common than not ) and Ursena fires, you’re pretty much done.

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Yep. Out of 5, only 3 heroes charge their skills almost the same time. Same with me. My current monoblue team is composed of Frida+7 (supported by my level 5 mana troop), Athena+8 with mana talent node (supported by my level 8 mana troop), Vela+12 (supported by my level 13 mana troop), Master Lepus+7 (supported by my level 14 crit troop) and Ariel+7 (supported by my level 25 mana troop). In 9 tiles, only Vela, Lepus and Ariel are ready to fire their skills, which is awkward for me as I need Frida and Athena to fire first. My solution is to get my level 13 mana troop (currently supporting Vela) to level 17. I thought that last Atlantis Rising would give me enough troops for me to accomplish that mission. I was wrong. I calculated those troops obtained from the last AR, including my hoarded 3* troops (26 of them dupes and I have already have another 5 of them locked to support my heroes in raid tourneys and events) and 4* blue troops (4 of them extra as I have already 5 mana troops and 2 crit troops locked) for when I decide to get my main troops to level 29 or get them max, I can only get them to level 16. My next alternative is to use my hoarded 26 ETTs next month when the ninja event appears. It seemed that ETTs hoarded are best used when ninja tower is around.

Nah. I want you to improve your board manipulation skills on your own without me messing with you inside your head. One thing I noticed though. You are taking a lot of your sweet time in moving tiles. For me that’s good as it only means you are thinking and imagining and quite using your head looking for the best tile to move for best results. Keep it up and soon, you’ll easily figure which tiles need to be moved and thus make you move faster like clockwork. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My yellow team is without doubt my weakest. I almost have enough darts (one more for Joon so I can retire a 3/70 Vivica and have a 4/80 Joon.

I just really don’t have an effective yellow attack. On defense two Li Xius can stir people up but she is pathetic on attack.

Despite making a few mistakes I did walk away with 6 o/s. And I’d say with a war average of 249 my tile play is pretty decent. I do take my time because I’m trying to think a few moves ahead, and often I see videos of people rushing through it and making tile errors because they are not trying to find the optimal move.
The mistakes I make are typically around timing of specials - particularly ear equaliser I havent quite mastered it yet


Yes. I do understand. It does happen to me once in a while. Sometimes, in such cases, I try to adapt. Just let me match 9 tiles total. As mentioned in another thread, mono is not for everyone. The player has to find ways and means to beat the tank using the available heroes at his disposal.

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I’ve got a great red team, decent green, blue and a pretty okay purple but just not yellow. Heimdahl just stuck with me as on our first encounter, he was all emblemed up, tank and I couldn’t get a board. Finally I just started unleashing any diamond I could just to get rid of dead tiles. It was humiliating. I was better prepared the next time and just picked on him as a priority but he was in a support position that time. I pplay mono almost exclusively.

No , it’s totally doable, but you can’t help what the board gives you. Ursena will punish a yellow team if you don’t get to kill her before she fires. If the first three tile attacks whiff and she charges , your guys are doomed.

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We run green tanks except for rush wars where it’s basically put out the strongest heroes you can field. Most still do green tanks because they built their defense around one but I benched my Telluria a long time ago, so I try something a bit different. I’ve done very well with an Alfrike-Richard-Mitsuko center mostly because I’m one of the few non-green centers so all the blues get dumped my way (and get slaughtered by either Mits or Alfrike :grin:)

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