War tank. Raid tank

Hello all !

I will have soon 2x max 5* rainbows teams ( one exception for green: only tarlak ) - see print screen.
I cannot decide what is my best tank for war and raids.

Can you help me with some inputs ? From what I’ve read on forum it is between Mitsuko and sheshat.

In picture you can see my actual defence team. Time to time I switch tarlak with emblemed Hansel.

My roster : almost all main 4* max
I have others 5* but no mats for them, sitting at lvl 1 or 3.70.

Mitsuko tank will work, she’s pretty durable with emblems, and sorcerer delay talent goes well with her mana reduction. I would swap Boldtusk out with her.

Also I think Hansel with emblems on wing is probably better than Tarlak on wing when it comes to your defense team.


Should I use def path for mitsuko?

I would go that way.

Her most dangerous skill is mana reduction, so it’s better to make her sturdier than give her a more powerful punch that she may not even use.

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