War superstition

Maybe I’m a crazed loner in this but I’m convinced that if I have my raid chest ongoing when taking my war hits I do better. It’s so irrational that I’m willing to spend gems to skip and make sure it’s open :joy:

Anyone else have war superstitions?


I’ve heard rumors that stepping on a crack will break your mothers back


If the crack is in the spine…


I have a similar superstition for raid tournament.

I always attack at least one time with my raid energy to see if boards happen to be good or totally bad.

If the board is good, i procede with raid tournament.
If bad, i continue with raid energy and eventually wait later to attack in the tournament.


This gave me a good laugh. I’ve had war superstition too and every time one is proven wrong I come up with a new crazy one. Can’t get rid of these what if superstition thoughts haha

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I thought it was just me.

But I have this belief that titans/raid/summons are related . One will be good with the other 2 bad (my RNG):thinking:

So had crappy titan hits this morning, so went with war raids, got very good boards and went 3-0. Yesterday however was different, had very good titan runs and very unlucky war matches only 1 of 3 was favourable. :neutral_face:

To each their own


Everytime I’ve sacrified a live chicken, I’ve gone 6/6 one shots. It’s amazing. Voodoo LIFE!!!


I am not superstitious because it brings bad luck


It’s said that your thoughts and beliefs create your reality so perhaps you’re all correct…for you :grin:

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I do the same with cows. Although sacrificing the whole cow isn’t practical so I usually sacrifice a burger.


Yeah. I seem to have better odds in both wars and raids, including the tourney, whenever they are done at the same time.

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