War suggestion - hits tracking

One thing I have noticed that would be helpful in the war interface is some ability to see how many attacks each side has used. Just a total for each side on the attack info screen would be great. That would let you know if you need to rally your side, or if your opponent is holding back for a last minute push.


If they have to make it, then it shall not giv information about the enemys.

If your wanna know what your enemy has left, then it must be done manuel.

It would also be helpful to see which members in your alliance have not battled yet.

I think a hit counter and a trackinf of who has hit is a great idea!

(The same goes for titan stats, but thats a different topic)

Having to track stuff ingame using a separate document or writing on a piece of paper? Sure, it can be done. But its a pain in the bass. And a ridiculously easy “quality of life” improvement to make.

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Would definitely be nice. Even if it doesn’t tell us the enemy’s, at least an ally flag counter would be cool

Could there be a replay button to be able to watch the War battles of each fight?

I agree with you and a general flag counter should not be hard to put up on the main screen for each side. You can look at the activity screen and see pretty easily that the other side is not using their flags. It would be nice to see how many they have left without having to count them though. It would also be nice to be able to see how many flags a person has left like 3/6 counter when you click on them or above their icon on the screen for quick reference.