[War, Strategy] The Split Alliance Defense

[War, Strategy] The Split Alliance Defense

The Split alliance defense is designed for Alliances with at least 5x defense teams with 5* heroes and at least 10x defense teams with 2* / 3* / 4* heroes.

All teammates get full loot from rare titans.

This increases your alliance score for recruiting purposes.

Record your wins and losses for two war chests.

Split your alliance in half. Team W fights every Wednesday, Team S fights every Saturday.

Both teams gets half the best defense and half the weakest defense.

Try and split teams so each has the same color center.

Team S might have green center and Team W might have yellow center.

To make sure the correct players are active, remove one hero from the defense team after each war. Then have the members of the team next scheduled to fight restore their defense to five heroes. Do this for both raid, and war, defense teams so it is visible to all teammates.

This strategy takes advantage of several war principles

Devs are not using Elo’s math when matchmaking. If you get ten loses in a row or ten wins in a row, the matchmaking locks up. By locking up when you have ten wins in a row, it prevents you rising to fight the opponents you should. By locking up enemy alliances after ten losses, it prevents them from sinking to fight the opponents the should.

Matchmaking is based heavily on team power. By having less teams in each war, the team power number become less reflective of actual effectiveness.

Defeats are worth 20% of wins for War Chest. You can skip, or lose, 4 wars for every victory so increasing you victories by 1 per month is break even, two per month will increase you war chest frequency. Because of the way War Chests work, weaker teammates benefit from more frequent but 50% loot war chests. If your alliance already has 20-30 teams of 5* defense, this strategy will hurt your loot.

Weak teams are protected by the revive timer. By decreasing the number of weak teams per war, you force the opponent to attack the stronger teams. But any alliance with a more even distribution of team power will have a difficult time defeating the strong teams.

Stronger team have access to more healers and HotM which often results in more 0 point war attacks. Especially considering the distribution of fast mana speed attack all enemy heroes and Healers for 3* to 5* heroes.

All teammates get full loot from rare titans. Because rare titan loot is still the best loot and war loot is the second worst loot, staying in one alliance instead of creating two smaller alliances is the better strategy.

This works well for training alliances where high level players can rotate in to help the low level players.

Compare four war chests with Split alliance defense to two war chests with full alliance. If your rewards from four chests from Split Alliance are worse than your rewards from two chests from full alliance, then go back to full alliance wars.



Ok, i think i understand the premise of this, and it could be an effective war strategy.

My concern is for the implementation.

I have two accounts, and i’m in an alliance with a main alliance and a training alliance. My accounts are split between the two. You stated in your post that this would not be effective for teams with fairly even TP distribution, so that rules out the main alliance.

So if we tried to implement this in the training alliance, i could see it being more effective than a mono-colored tank, at least in terms of speeding up war chest frequency. However, i have serious doubts about our ability to implement this in our training alliance. We cannot get people to opt in or out properly, much less assign a mono-colored tank, or try to get people to commit to one war or the other.

Any suggestions for implementation?

War scores are based on the top 30 heroes in each opted in players inventory… Having half your alliance “fall off” the war board by not having full defence teams in place will only help you to loose wars.

I think he means half opts out for every second war.