War strategy........single defender.....does it work or break it?

The extra % or two isn’t going to dramatically impact his usefulness. :slight_smile:

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I know, just venting. :slight_smile:

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At some point we all need to agree to start responding to these threads with “yes, good idea” and letting nature run it’s course.


Don’t forget the 12k points from team kill bonus!

For others lurking
More if your alliance has less than 30 fellows and they have 30.

15 defense teams with a single defender versus attacking alliance with 30 fellows= 48k war points since your enemy alliance’s 30 fellows get 180 attacks and your 15 defense teams which immediately revive after each 4k total kill (4k x 180 / 15 ).

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Grin, slipped a 2 bud: it’s 2k (2040-2055ish as a result of rounding) for a full wipe so NPNKY’s 12K was right for 30v30.


The circle of heroes :lion:

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This will fail.

We faced an alliance that was actually stronger than us. In the prepping phase I could tell we were probably going to lose that one. I knew there were some of our members who were away so they couldn’t participate. So the lookout wasn’t that good, ahem.

And then 10 of their teams fielded 1 man defences. MUHAHAHA! Our best teams got some nice extra points for their full teams. And our lacking teams scooped up the rest. We won despite the odds being quite against us on paper.


So it is actually 1k per side plus 1k for kill team bonuses?

(Runs off and manually checks)

Okay. 2k plus 2k never made much sense to me. So when I see people saying “each side is worth 2k” they are saying “each side is worth 2k, including team kill bonus “.

So equal sides, One Energy One Kill, would be 12k ( 2k x 6 ).

Then the above screen shot of 41780 score
Results from 29 fighting 8 defense teams ( 2k / ( 41780 / ( 29 x 6 ) ) ). Wonder if The enemy alliance tried the “Ghost Team” trick ( removing the entire defense team from their hero roster after war starts ), discovered the Spectator Mode patch , and only 8 players late to the war had teams left worth 125 + 125 bonus each.

Right, 1k + 1k. Wiping a side results in total score of about 2,000 per wipe.

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Alliance we are up against today has fielded about 8 1-2 hero teams. All their full teams are worth 90+ points. This won’t end well for them.


Yeah 7D Emerging is facing a bunch of one hero defenses too… not going to end well for them at all, likely going to set a new record for max points in all of the Seven Days alliances.

The truly sad thing is the alliance they are facing is actually scoring real points off the Emerging defenses and this might have been a good war, but instead we aren’t even at the halfway mark and the opponent has already been reset twice.

Just ugly and stupid this one hero defensive strategy.


We are seeing our first teams of 1 hero in AW defenses. For this to even have a shot at working you need some BEAST teams to take a lot of hits. They don’t (lots in the 3300-3500 range). Our heavy hitters are one shotting there middle and upper tier teams to the tune of 80-90 points at a time. I should be able to one shot the top point team the full 3 times. So dumb.

How do you think it would work a defense of only three strong heroes (4 * a fully uploaded or 5 * in 3/70)?

On the one hand it is weak enough to give a few points per victory (about 20-25) and on the other hand it is strong enough so that it does not fall against a team of 3 *

I speak as a strategy for medium-level alliances, of which there are three or four level attacks and the rest with leftovers

Anytime your opponent starts a battle with open lanes to ghost tiles and generate mana, you are ceding them a BIG advantage. That’s also what allows lesser teams (50s, level 1 5 stars, etc) to take out teams like that.


Well…it’s a discussion thread…click to read only if you wish

Guys, we have a 112k alliance with 29 active war participants. I am 100% confident that if 7DD put out their top 10 teams and then left 20 1 hero defenses, we would not just win, we would obliterate them. In fact, this would truly be the only way we could even come close. There is no way to make this work.

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We are finding setting our lowest team members to 1* defense pretty effective. We have a mixed group, about 20 of us have a defense of 3500-4000, 5 from 3000-3500 and 5 of us are noobs. We have the noobs set their defense to 1*. It of course immediately pushes the opponent to take out the 3000-3500 teams which they get more points for but then they are bashing themselves against the 3500-4000 teams. Some of our guys were hit 12 times last AW (Alberich FTW). That’s a ton of wasted flags. We are 9-2 and since we’ve started taking this approach, it hasn’t been close, where previously we’ve had a couple come down to the last hour. Last war score was ~4000-2800

Yes, it might work in case of mismatched alliances. If one alliance has players much stronger than the opponents, then redistributing points to the strongest players could work (store points in a safe).

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