War strategy........single defender.....does it work or break it?

What if your entire alliance only put 1 defender…

Think about all the possibilities.

Say you put up a single defender…you also get the arrow volley backin you up…the attacker would probably bring 2 attackers to make sure they win…that still counts towards their 6…so they get what…20 points??
It takes 6 hours to regenerate a defending squad…so if they wipe out the squads…they can’t get any points for awhile…so I bet most won’t be able to get all their attacks off…while the defending team can smack and crack away and get all the 40+ 40 point victories :slight_smile:

Attacks per 24 hrs…the arrow volley…point value…can’t attack if no teams available to attack…

If you completely wipe the opposing alliance…is it game over?
That would be the only counter.

When all of an alliance’s teams are down, they all reset immediately. So using lots of these easy teams just gets you reset many, many times. Every alliance that has tried it has lost by thousands of points. It’s embarrassing. Don’t do it.

Each side has 2000 points distributed among the teams. Every point missing from your team is added to your allies’ scores. By setting a weak defense, all you do is make it easier for your opponent to wipe all your teams frequently.


Your whole alliance is worth 2000 points, divided among all the defenders. If everyone only puts out 1 defense troop, that’s 2000 easy victory points to your opponents. Then your troops regenerate and they get another easy 2000. Assuming equal numbers of players and 6 flags per player, you just handed them 12000 easy points


Single team defences do not work. Since they respawn when all dead.
It is the losing tactic.
If the other team uses strategy, you loose by a big margin, really big…39,900 points big…


The way to win with this strategy is to put your 10 - 15 best defense teams out full strength, have your bottom teams put 1 man teams out. Since the points are distributed by health points of the teams, the 1 man teams will have relatively few points, and the tough teams more. I haven’t seen it work yet in the teams we have faced, but they are not set up this way either. I think it is poor sportsmanship to do, and should be fixed by developers somehow.

We faced an alliance that tried that. We focused on their big teams which had a disproportionate share of the points, and won handily.


My alliance would have trouble with it. We have 4 or 5 that can mount 3400 team power once or twice, but most are in the 2000 range.

It doesn’t work, it’s a dumb strategy, you should beat it easily, it’s already been discussed in the forum 9,000 times.


We faced an alliance that tried this. Our strong players killed theirs and our weaker players, who usually need to combine forces or clear leftovers suddenly had single hero defenses they could kill. Wanna know how the war ended? :rofl:

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Nope you will get absolutely slaughtered against any alliance that is active with half a brain between 30 players.

(2000 / aggregate team HP) * (your defense HP) = your point value. The important part is it’s aggregate team HP, so your points are a ratio compared to everyone else’s.

So at 15 players doing that your top ones are worth double, and where do you think the attacks are going to be focused? Bad math.


After so many wars still trying to do this stuff?

Wake up Nancy, it’s spring now.

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I’m glad it doesn’t work, but against our team it might if set up properly, we have a big difference in team powers, so our low levels have no chance for points, and we can only beat heavy teams maybe 5 times as our big hitters dont have a deep bench.

That gives you something to work on, then. And coordinate your attacks

I think you’d be able to make it work @rooster. It may not look pretty, but as long as your heavy guys could use a few hits to take out each of the strong ones you would be fine.

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Our alliance has been undefeated since the first one…I think there may be a way for it to work…

Post up a beast single defender so it takes a few attackers from the opponent…

Toth amon is an example…pretty good solo.
Or boril maybe…
Something they just can’t throw a C squad single at. And make em waste their turn and squad choices.

Also doesn’t work. :wink:

Any strategy that presumes your opponents are incompetent generally isn’t a good one; a single 70 or whatever is not hard to take down by players that understand cleanup hits.

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I was thinking just ghosting tiles with a healer or two in tow would be easy enough, even if the healer was unleveled.


we have so far, just been beat by better teams, not by this strat

That’s basically what I did on my first war or two, then I started leveling healers like a fiend haha.

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Same here. Though my second Melendor is annoying - only fed 1* greens and he’s at 3.38 or so with only 7/8 special. Everyone else played ball and was 8/8 near the beginning of tier 3 at the latest.

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