War Start Time Shift – Weekly Change So Everyone Has Convenient Start Times Sometimes

I am in the U. S. Pacific Time Zone. We have 2 wars per week. The Wednesday war starts at 2am my time. My 2nd 3 flags come at 2pm. In order to have a shot at my choice of opponents, I must be up in the middle of the night AND take time off work in the middle of the day! Same goes for weekend war with start time of 11am.

My suggestion:. Every week shift the war start time forward by 1 hour for 12 weeks. Then shift back 1 hour for 12 weeks. Then start again. That way EVERYONE in every time zone gets a couple convenient start times every 6 weeks.


In Europe we have alarm clocks for this. :rofl:

/ontopic. This would be fair for everyone. It is always a tactical advance for the opponent if he can start fighting at early night in comparison to late night.


Yes, please!!! This is a great idea, I can’t agree more.

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We have alarm clocks, too. Also have a wife that likes her sleep. Also must work to afford food & house thus must be rested enough to work effectively. To that end cannot make neither the start of war nor the 2nd 3 flags until most opposition teams are killed… Thus my request.


Thank you, Mr. Gamgee!

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We have the same problem with Wednesday wars

If they change it then those on the Other side of the time zone table will complain.

Unfortunately There will always be an area where the time zone affects someone at the wrong times.
Even I set my alarm clock for an hour or 2 earlier at times it go to bed a couple of hrs later so it conencide with other team members o. The other side of the planet.

It’s all part of playing a game which has such world wide member base.

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I like the idea of shifting times. But maybe instead of shifting back keep going. Or Go backwards first. So that the weekend war doesn’t always end up on Monday morning during a work week for some.

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That’s why I suggested the one hour shift over 12 weeks. That way EVERYONE in EVERY time zone will have 2 or 3 wars at a convenient time every dozen wars. Also, then nobody has any consistent advantage based on their time zone.


That makes sense. My main concern was shifting the time by an hour so as to give all time zones a shot at a ‘sweet spot’ start time. It only needs to shift an hour each war. Forward or back matters not as long as it shifts 12 times then reverses course.

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SG already had that as it runs on a 23hr day/clock.

IF that is the case, why do wars ALWAYS start at the EXACT same time EVERY war? Weekend wars start at 11am PST & weekday wars start 2am PST, EVERY WEEK!

The only thing in game that runs on 23hrs is the free hero\troop draw.

Just change the start time by 1 hour each time. This will cycle the start time evenly worldwide. S&G
does this for titans.

I’m with ya in this bit. I am all for the time changes. Im in western Canada and the wars tend to start very early am. Making it fair for all time zones would make a huge difference and I cant see why anyone would complain.

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I agree it will never suit all but shifting times will mean everyone will have a time that suits them on occasion. My team loves to fight wars but the times are getting us major burn out. This last war all the teams we needed to attack came back on at the last moments. 4am my time. Only our leader and I made it back to attack them. Luckily the other team left 50 attacks on the board and we won anyway.

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Hmmm, never really paid that much attention as to weather wars was or wasn’t on the same 23hr clock (guess I must fall into the unaffected part of that spectrum) and if what your saying is correct then by all means I agree with you that it should be set by that same 23hr clock to make it fair for everyone world wide.
Look at it as a fair go policy towards everyone in different time zones.


I don’t know the composition of your alliance but could it be an option to coordinate attacks and set a time within everybody does 1st attack and time within everybody does second round?
I understand it will be difficult if the complete alliance is from all over the world. But when most are in same timezone-ish this might be an option to consider for you.
All will be attacking first round between 06.00 AM and 08.30 AM (for example).

We have members in 9 time zones & that work varying schedules. Coordinating times is nearly impossible. But even if we were in one time zone it seems inordinately unfair to ALWAYS start weekday wars in the dead of night. Some wars we only win because we can kill the weaker opponents multiple times as their strongest 6 are all at least 400 stronger than our strongest member! If we can’t even start fighting until the war is 1\4th over we are at a big disadvantage! Shifting the start time seems the ONLY way to make it fair world wide. That or have teams respawn in 15 minutes but only 3 or 4 times.

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Agree w/ varying the times, but have a slightly simpler solution…

Subtract 1 hour f/ the current time between one War and the start of the “Matchmaking begins in…” period of the next. This would be consistent w/ other timers in the game, decrementing the start time of each War so that—over the course of time—everyone gets an approximately equal mixture of convenient and inconvenient start times.

Adding my vote here as well. I’m about to drop out of every other weekend war because it’s always the same timeframe and always very inconvenient. There’s no variation as with Titans. Starts mid-day Saturday and finishes right around noon Sunday (US time). My Sundays are always busy and it either means staying up past midnight or getting up extra early. I’m done bending for this.