War shuffling loophole

I have noticed alliances using the following rule to benefit in the game.

“If a player participated in a war, the war chest should update even if they leave the alliance and come back as long as they don’t participate in other wars.”

Have 2 alliances set up , use one for Titans and the other with an alt as leader. Just before war match up they all join the war alliance and the alt opts out. As soon as the 6 hits are completed they leave the alt war alliance and go back to the Titan alliance. After 25 points in the war chest they use the Titan alliance for war. Then back using the war alliance, this means always weaker opponents.

I think this rule should be changed to stop this as it causing war mismatch, we got trounced over6000 to 2000.

There are a fair number of discussion threads on this topic already:

This thread has some responses from he developers as they are actively trying to change the matchmaking algorithm to eliminate this “strategy”

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