War set up now that I have Gravemaker?

Hey all - My alliance has been coordinating around red tanks for some time and my defense has been fairly consistent for a couple of months (Athena - Zeline - Ares - Delilah - Kageburado). I hit the Atlantis bingo and got Gravemaker and now I am mapping out my next steps for both ascension and talents and given how expensive both are I want to be sure!

Maxed toons (** denotes currently applied talent points*)
Holy: Joon, Guinevere, Delilah*
Dark: Sartana, Kageburado*, Kunchen, Khiona*
Ice: Misandra, Athena*, Frida
Fire: Ares*, Zimk, Queen of Hearts, Mitsuko*
Nature: Tarlak, Zeline*, Evelyn

  1. Do I bother swapping out Ares on D given the cost?
  2. If GM is a tank…thoughts on this lineup?

Joon (Delilah?)

Not sure if it matters…but we are ranked approx 1100…we are on the stronger side of intermediate. We usually face teams with strong defenses but not always deep benches. As a result, there is only so much dispelling for Ares. My team is usually only killed twice.

Thanks for any advice/thoughts!

Delia Athena Gravey Zeli Kage
for att buff

Delia Kunchen Ares Zeli Missy
for field aid


Just applied rings so almost done. Any change for arrows? Regardless I hope to report back once I give it a whirl.

Maybe one who hits all for arrows. Arrows make fast fights. I often put more damage and less heal in my def then.

My strategy: Boost the Buff :shushing_face:


Hey Olmor - Thanks for the tips so far! GM is done w 7 nodes and this week’s war is attack buff, so I will go with your recommendation. HOWEVER, as I was looking at the lineup…would like to get your take on this instead:

Delia Athena Gravey Khiona Zeli

Basically, Khiona has 7 nodes filled out (Kage has none) and the attack buff would be beneficial all around. I get the tradeoff of mana speed of course. Thoughts on this (vs the original recommendation?). Basically is a juiced Khiona better than Kage?

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