War set up help BT with drake.. or Viv with JF

I have a + 14 Hel tank… currently running purple tanks… we run a BYPRG set up or reverse…
My set up due to options is Vela+14.(BT+20/JF) Hel+14 (Viv+14/Drake+14.) Lianna (flat unless I strip 14 emblem seshat.

I have either Boldtusk +20and costume with Drake +14 for flanks OR
Viv(will be +14 and costume) and JF unemblemed

Would really like to finally get a 5* healer in my lineup but I don’t see it happening… any thoughts? Also would you strip seshat for lianna? :frowning: sadly don’t have lianna costume.

Could play about with it I’d prob take BT on the arrows n attack n viv on the heal aid

Appreciate the help! Very tough when I’m very thin in red and green.

No probs would keep emblems on sheshat aswell

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