War Selection for May 31, 2019

I had a lot of fun re-capping the previous war, so I decided to do at least one more. I actually felt like I learned quite a bit, being forced to articulate my thought process; I identified a few things that I thought were mistakes in my lineups and potential new strategies I could experiment with.

N.B. This was a Field Aid war.

Flag 1

From left to right:
+1 Marjana
+2 Sartana
4.66 Vivica
+3 Joon
+3 Alasie
Team Power: 4,080

My team:
+14 Proteus
Max Merlin
Max Rigard
3.70 Santa Claus
3.60 Colen
Team Power: 3,457

This was my best chance to attack a yellow tank, so I rolled out most of my best purples. I hoped that Vivica’s non-damaging special would allow me to charge up my slow reds - note that Santa counters Vivica well. I also hoped his minion shield would help once the snipers started firing.

Result: I took out half the team - I was partially correct. Vivica gave me some time, but I was overly optimistic about the chances of survival once the snipers started firing (since my heroes were at less than full health at that point anyway). I knew this would be a tough fight to win and indeed I did not - it was clear I would not from pretty early on. My hope was that I could exploit the adjacent yellows, and I think I did to some extent. Ultimately I think I got a fair board but the individual hero survivability was just too much to overcome, especially with two non maxed heroes on my side. I think I may also have too quickly gone to the slow red pairing after having success with it in the last war - my thought was that it’d at least give me a neutral minor stack against both flanks.

Flag 2

+2 Justice
+1 Khaga
+2 Sartana
Max Perseus
+1 Kadilen
Team Power: 4,075

My team:
3.67 Leonidas
Max Li Xiu
Max Onatel
Max Sonya
Max Kiril
Team Power: 3,543

I felt there were four things I could exploit against this lineup (not necessarily mistakes on their part)

  1. No one can resist my mana controllers
  2. The tank choice is non standard (not the most tanky stats)
  3. I can make my minor stack blue, making it strong against one flank and neutral to the tank and other flank (I will not be impeded by Perseus’ buff)
  4. The left side has two slow mana heroes

Result: victory - Sartana fired before I took her out, but after that my mana control was overwhelming. I used my yellows to slow the right side while destroying the left. Both of the right heroes did fire eventually, but only a single time, and too late. The left side never fired. Between the mana cuts and the blue stack, Khagan went down easily, as hoped.

Flag 3

+1 Sartana
+4 Leonidas
+3 Horghall
+4 Marjana
+2 Isarnia
Team Power: 4,085

My team:
+14 Boldtusk
4.68 Mitsuko
Max Falcon
Max Cyprian
Max Proteus
Team Power: 3,642

This is exactly the sort of team I look for with my red stack: Boldtusk counters Horghall and Mitsuko is responsible for killing a corner Isarnia. I decided to use my only riposter here, but I didn’t love it. It isn’t that great a fit as I don’t expect to counter either AoE attacker that way (Horghall will die before firing or I won’t have Cyprian charged first, and Mitsuko will reflect Isarnia). There wasn’t a great matchup on the field for the riposter (though I did have possibilities in flags 5 and 6). Ultimately I went with it here partly to preserve my other purple heroes for future fights.

Result: victory - Horghall fired twice before I put him down, so it’s kind of amazing I still won. I took substantial damage from that both times and was only able to counter with Boldtusk once. Luckily, I carried enough key heroes into the rest of the fight to win. Proteus’ mana lock basically changed the fight, Cyprian’s riposte actually proved luckily effective as Sartana and Marjana both fired their special at covered heroes, and Mitsuko took care of Isarnia, as hoped.

Flag 4

In the second half I realized I could just do a screen shot. :roll_eyes:

I knew I was going to tackle two blue tanks in a row (both Thorne, funnily), so I wasn’t sure how to divide my green heroes. Ultimately, the decision was more determined by the next team - I felt it was very important to quickly kill the tank in my next flag, so I used my most potent strikers there. After that, I could slow down and re-assess matters (because they had flanking healers). Here my biggest concern is long term survivability, including the specials of the flanks. So minions seemed like the right call. I was also fine bringing a weak Melendor here, figuring I may get lucky with minions / he may be revived and be useful - I really did need a third green and he was the best option.

Result: victory - Thorne fired, but targeted Mother North, my least vulnerable hero - at the time it would have killed Melendor. That allowed me to get a Melendor heal, minions from Buddy, and a critical attack debuff in before Lianna fired. I was fortunate on green tiles, allowing me to attack Lianna, use Mother North’s heal / minions, at which point Vivica was very vulnerable. I ignored Elena and her special / riposte entirely while working on Vivica. She did heal twice, but I think it was the right decision. From there I had so much ghosting space that the result was inevitable.

Flag 5

I’ve lined up my three best green attackers, intending to take Throne out quickly and then deciding which flank to target. I knew it’d probably be Vivica since I’ve made a minor stack against her. My plan here is really to have a lot of time after I remove the tank.

Result: victory - I got Thorne down just before he fired, Little John landed his mana slow on Vivica, so I actually got her down before she fired while Kashhrek repeatedly fired to no effect. After that, Khagan was so close to death with splash damage that I took him out. It took me a while to get to Onatel since Kashhrek shielded her well, and her mana control hurt. But it was mostly a matter of it taking time - I was never really in danger (but realized I would have been had her special done more damage or the hero in front of her were ever hitting me - I know he takes a lot of heat, but Thoth-Amun in this spot would have been a nightmare). I think this team made a mistake by going too heavy on healers, thinking that that and Field Aid would frustrate the attacker. I looked at it as a benefit and built it into my attack team.

Flag 6

As often happens, I have a not-great matchup for my last flag. I’m not sure how much there is to say here - really all I’ve done is stack against a tank. I couldn’t stack against either flank, but the hope was that my elemental debuff will help with that. I know I have a lot of conflicting heroes here (Wilbur and Aegir, Wilbur and Ramming Pulverizers), but hey…it’s the last flag, Wilbur is tricky to find a spot for (especially in Field Aid), and honestly…I think that gets played up too much sometimes. If Wilbur lowers the defense, allowing me to land a big RP hit at the cost of the defense ‘increasing’ (but for more turns) I’m okay with that. Plus, I have options for the timing to counter Kiril this way.

Result: victory - their Gormek fired just before death, but I wasn’t too concerned, with two heroes who could counter that. I actually feel I fired Wilbur too early, which allowed Quintus to live long enough to fire - though I know that can be an issue it’s hard to do with perfect timing in practice. Li Xiu cut my mana but just didn’t hit hard enough to bother me, allowing me to focus on Quintus, at which point I didn’t really regard the team as a threat.


Again, I feel so many of my match ups were determined by my opponent and attempting to exploit their weaknesses and errors.
Flag 1: I made a mistake with the slow reds
Flag 2: I made a great but obvious decision with my mana control team
Flag 3: I got lucky with riposte
Flags 4 and 5: I made a good decision about how to divide my greens
Flag 6: I was kind of forced based on what I had left / what was on the field

I’m proud of this:
Average opponent team power: 3,948
Average attack team power: 3,536
Five one shots, the other taking out about half the team
5.92 average teams killed (my points scored divided by 1,500 divided by the number of opponents)


Nicely done @IvyTheTerrible. I enjoy reading these as it gives me ideas, and pointers that I haven’t considered.

Now I’m off to give some gems to SG in search of Ravnir

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Thanks for letting me know! Your response the first time was part of the reason I did it again. I mean, it was a fun activity, but knowing someone else was interested made me more inclined since a fair amount of effort is going into these posts.

Good luck with Ranvir!

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I find it interesting Ivy, plus I tend to enjoy reading, more than watching videos, so this is perfect for me to understand what you did and why you did it.

Ehhh, I know I won’t see Ranvir for some time, if ever…but we can always dream :joy:

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This is a wonderful analysis. I may do something similar for the new folks in our alliance family. Well done.

I notice that you have opponents with several different tank colors. Did your opponents not coordinate same color tanks, or were these from different wars?


It’s all the same war (ending on the date posted in the subject). My alliance is not yet fighting at the level where we are likely to encounter matching tanks. It has happened I think once, and on maybe two other occasions we saw a moderate degree of coordination (like half blue tanks and half red tanks).

Generally, the teams I am fighting are…let’s say 4-5 of them are in the top 8-10 that the other alliance has to offer.

You make a good point though: were we facing that level of competition, matching up would be an entirely different exercise.


Thank you very much for sharing this! It was an enjoyable read, and interesting to see your thought process on the hits.


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