War scoring question. How might this happen?

I am a one team alliance, hence my war is against another one team alliance. We have both used 3 flags to kill each other one time.
I am confused how we have both scored above the 1500 points available for the team kill, and even more confused that i have scored 1501 points and my opponent has scored 1502?
Does anyone have any idea’s about how those scores have come about?

As you can see, killing each defence team has a value of 1500 points…

A quirk of having to round up half points I imagine

So does that mean i am currently losing by half a point???

That’s about as close as it gets!!

Lol… well we will see what happens in the second half of the war… my sixth attack team is pretty rubbish, so it might all come down to how many half points my rubbish 6th team can scrape together…

Let us know the result!!

I think it may have to do with healing. Just a guess. If you take multiple attacks to heal and there are more hp in a later round, I think you can get more points. Plus rounding. Just kill them in one shot and you don’t have to worry about it. :blush:

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