War scoring....can someone explain this?

How does the war scoring work? I was matched up against a team of 27 active members, of which 7 decided to participate. Since I am the only one in my alliance, I set up my defense with only 1 one star defender, in hopes of keeping their score down. There 1st attacker scored 2842 points against this lone defender, and did not even kill her? How is this possible? I only scored 763 points, and I defeated 2 of them completely, and killed 4 of 5 from a third defender.

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Every alliance ist worth 2000 Points. This was there First Attack. When everybody (all Teams) are dead, it will Instant revive. So they can Attack you again after your single Hero ist dead. This was not a good Idea.


They attacked you once and killed you for 2000 points (every alliance is worth 2000 points for a total wipe out) after a total wipe out the alliance is forced to all (I.e your one hero) revive immediately. Then they attacked you again without killing you, for another 800+ points. They will get another 1200 next time someone attacks you and kills you, which will revive you again and it will keep going


If, for whatever reason, you’re planning to carry on fighting wars on your own, put a full strength defence team up next time and you’ll stand more of a chance.


I have to say, this war thing is really stupid! Game creators match an alliance of 27 active players against an alliance of 1 player? Why don’t they just give them the victory and free stuff upfront? There is no chance of a single player beating a team of 27, no matter how strong your defending team is. I guess I will have to just stop beating titans so my score can drop to zero. Then they won’t have anyone to match me up with.

Or…you could bring other people into your alliance, fight bigger titans, get better loot, and actually enjoy wars


Number of players should be considered. We play against teams double the number. This leads that the average score of the smaller alliance has no chance to win. The other way around would make more sense.

Each member has six attacks. The number of attacks multiplied by the number of players should be equal for both teams.

This way war is senseless for smaller alliances

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Unless you’re looking for a challenge, fewer numbers are only disadvantaged by the number of flags they have available to them - at least that’s the opinion of the development team and most higher ranked players.

You’re about to get swamped with a hundred cliches about how teamwork is the key… And about 7 different strategies from various players at least 3 of which will have not been thought out and derail your topic because more people are interested in complaining about the complainers than trying to understand what each other are communicating.

I’m sorry that current matching mechanics are failing your alliance (you’re not alone in the matter, so don’t feel singled out) and wish you better luck next time.

Its not war being stupid here. First of all, you thought you smart having a 1-man defence team. Second of all, delete you defence team next time, and you auto-surrender. Have a good day.


The matchups are supposedly based on Titan score only (at the time of selection). What is your score? What is theirs?

I’m sorry it’s 7-to-1, but clearly you are punching above your weight, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…you just need more active war participants on your team in the future. :wink:


Just the simple fact that the attackers get 2000 points for defeating 1 single star defender is stupid, let alone that the defeated alliance of 1 player is immediately refreshed, giving the attackers a chance for another 2000 points. And since they can attack 6 times total, that would give the attackers 12K points each! Yet, there is no way for the single player alliance to ever get the 2000 points, since they are only allowed 6 attacks, and 7 attacks would be needed in this case, just for a chance at a single 2000 points. And the second set of flags would not be available until the first 3 defenders were already revived. The total matchup system is flawed, along with the scoring system, and if you can’t see that, then your way of thinking is just as flawed as the game. I prefer to play alone, and you should respect that, rather than try to ridicule me in your replies. Game creators should make the war fair for all, or give us the option to be removed from the war matchup list, so they are not wasting everyone’s time.

Our alliance has 17 players in war.

We play against teams with up to 30. If I attack e.g. a 3000 team I get less points than if the opponent beats a 3000 team.

Why is this seen to be fair? The smaller alliance gets for sure less points per attack. This makes no sense, especially, as the smaller team has also less attacks

A normal team probably have 0 chance if they just plan a bit.

But a team with Gwinevre and Alberich may win :smiling_imp:

This has been explained elsewhere on the Forum, but I’ll try:

Each side has thirty players max, with up to five hero teams each. These teams have differing strengths and are weighted accordingly. There is 2000 points for each side that is distributed inequally based on team strength per player.

So if ten players only have one 1* Hero each, the bulk of that 2000 points will be distributed among the remaining 20 players.

Since the team strength is different on each side, those points will be distributed slightly differently.

If you want to chase points, click each team (info) before you attack to make sure you’re attacking those who will give you the best points. Obviously, this will need to be balanced with how strong the team is and whether or not you think you can bring them down (which is where double teaming can come in).


Umm… No. This isn’t stupid. It makes it so people who would try to game the system and offer lower points to their competition like yourself can’t cheat. The point system needs to stay as is so alliances aren’t facing other alliances and getting 3 points while they have their real teams up and give out 30+. You should look into actually joining an alliance and not playing solo, or just don’t field for the war, it’ll give a default win to the other team. I wouldn’t drop your Titan score to zero, you can’t grow like that.


Rock, the sum of achievable points is relevant.

Assume two teams having only players withe the exact same players and levels.

Team A has 15 players, Team B 30 Players. All attacks wipe out the opponent.

Team A will receive 50% points less per attack of what Team B gets, due to the distribution formula. Further, Team A has half the number of attacks compared to Team B. Now, what chance would Team A have? None.

If Team A would get twice the number of attacks than Team B, Team A would be able to draw.

So the current system is flawed in my opinion as it favours larger alliance with wide distribution. In addition, lower teams have an incentive to play with a low card only skewing the distribution further

I think spg wants alliances full. Thus with these mechanics you should attempt to fill your alliance. Nice thing is that filling your alliance will result in all getting better loot from killing stronger titans


We are working on filling the alliance. But this is not the point here imo

What I see is this:

Team A - 30 players - 2500 avg pts

  • Will hit more often

Team B - 25 players - 2700 avg pts

  • Will hit harder

The actual matchups will vary, naturally.


Its a little bit the point yes. See for the creator of the post, she was trying to cheat, she was trying to make only, I dont know how much but lets say 40 points for killing her 1 hero and also being able to defeat 6 other person. She is CLEARLY malicious, the game should NEVER allow someone to do this and get away with it.

The AW is designed to fit the maximum number of players because the alliance is designed to defeat titans. 30 people is better than 10 and so on. Its very hard to adjust for all the cases in between, 1-30 players and titan score accordingly, to find a similar team. If you want the war to accomodate all this you are being selfish and probably spent zero money (otherwise you would want a full alliance to achieve higher level titans and make your money worth it), thus not contributing to this level of details and programming.

Its EXTREMELY sellfish to demand this from SG, If you cant think this yourself and be reasonable you can never be part of a community. Good luck!


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