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would devs be willing to tell us how much of the war score comes from player rosters and how much comes from past wins/losses? And is there anyway to know how much each player’s roster contributes to the score? Could we figure it out by doing some kind of mathematical formula for each roster? Will players ever have a "war power"rating similar to team power rating? even if it’s a rating only they can see and only shared if they wanted, it would be helpful when recruiting new members to know how much they would contribute to war roster wise instead of us having to say x amount of maxed x* heros or somethin along those lines

Also curious how many wars the score takes into account. Does it adjust based on a record within past 10 wars or 20 wars or all wars or last war? think all this info would be helpful for us to know


I wish there could be War Power for each user and that should come out of the total power of top 30 heroes in the roster.
When you are versing an alliance, you should know what to expect when you see a 4k defense team but a 24k war power (that means user has 6 teams of 4k)


Agree it would be very interesting and useful to have at least a little more insight into this new measurement. :beers:

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One thing interesting I’ve seen the last few hours, the War Score for my alliance has increased from 380k to 400k after killing our last Titan. :thinking:

I’m not sure if this is a bug in the shown calculation, or I guess it’s possible some teammates have been levelling heroes like crazy and just haven’t reported it. In any case, I think I’ll keep an eye on that number to see if it continues to jump wildly.

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thanks because judging from the activity of this thread, we’ll have to figure out the answers ourselves to the questions above just like players did with titan scores and other mathematical mysteries in this game

I’d like to know the math behind the calculation too, but not so sure the dev team want to disclose that.

I thought war score was independent of alliance score (which of course IS based on Titan score), so thought I’d point it out in case others see oddities. I’d hate to match up with another top 100 teams based on bad war score calculation.

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…because we’re close to filling war chest! :blush:

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Not because of you killed the titan, dude - because after u killed it, system recalculated (refreshed) all scores and this increase of 20k is due to the ascension of some heroes made by ya alliance members.

The score is most probably the sum of powers for top 30 heroes & top 5 troops in rosters of alliance members, multiplied by some weird coefficient - dunno if it looks like wars won/5 out of 5 recent wars or it is somehow connected to the points (or score differences) u got in these recent wars and what is more interesting:

  1. what kind of the correlation is that - the better ya alliance performs, the higher war score u get?
  2. do u get opponents with lower scores if you perform better?

Devs, please, tell us how does all this ■■■■ actually work :joy:

For my Alliance, it doesn’t work fair - last time we got a Top100 Alliance, dudes were freaking monsters compared to us.

Devs, rethink this system to ensure getting really fair opponents, it is not a joy when u know at the very beginning that u already lost.

I have another question to add : War score is “based on your alliance performance in war” does it mean only win and loss have an influence on war score or that even the result of the war matters. Like if you lose but 4200 - 4300 your alliance score is less affected than if you lose 0 - 4300 ?

What is your opinion of it, did some alliance already experienced this kind of situation ?

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Good question and i have no idea. Best thing we can do is start taking screenshots of our alliance war score and our opponents war score before and after a win/loss and see how much each changes then do that for at least 20 wars maybe more since we dont know how far back the war score goes as far as past performance, then see what everyone comes up with.

I think the best way is to check that in an alliance of 1 man. Most probably that’s just a sum of all your heroes. Is hard to calculate when it’s 30 ppl.

The other what I’d like to add to that happened yesterday. Our alliance noticed a strange drop in our war score from about 250K to 240K. What could, in theory, drop our rating if nobody left the alliance?

  1. Members opting out of war.
  2. Members using top-30 heroes as fodder to another.
  3. Crazy(!) members using their best troop of any element as fodder.
  4. Losing a war. (Can’t have happened yesterday, even theoretically, but for completeness’ sake …)

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