War scores not right

Just started wars I killed a 3722, 3807 and 3553 my points was 78, 78 and 83 in same order
Player on my team killed a 3542 and a 3600 and scored 80 and 83.
I looked at all their teams and noticed several was lower to but was worth more.
Rohn’s war zoneScreenshot_20190601-141516


Points are calculated by total HP (including troops) not TP I believe.


I think troops are included into the tp… if so higher should be worth more

Troops are included in TP, but TP has nothing to do with how points are distributed across teams in War.


I guess i am lost… the lowest guys on a team is the least amount of points won. The highest has always been worth the most

That can coincidentally be the case, but points are distributed across teams based on that team’s total HP relative to the total HP of all teams.

Since TP synopsizes all of the stats of the heroes and troops on the team, two teams with the same TP can have different total HP amounts, and a team with a higher total HP can have a lower TP than another team.


Ok thank you for breaking it down in dummy form for me

Whilst OP may have been mistaken about the scores in war being calculated on TP rather than Health I think they’re actually right that there is an issue with war scores.

Here’s a screenshot after my first attack in this war (I still have 5 flags in top corner) and as can be seen from the field it is a 1 player Vs 1 player war. My first attack KO’d the opposing team and reset them but only received 1498 points rather than the 1500 points that would be received from OHKOing the only player in a one person war. Had I really only done 1498 points worth on their team if points were working correctly then their team would likely have all but one hero dead which would have just a slither of health left.

Calculating points based on just total HP is not right imo. How can this player:

“give away” less points than this one (enemy got 60 points for beating him):

The latter is by far the weakest player in our alliance. This feels like a punishment for letting him participate in AW …

Perhaps, rather, think about it as a recommendation to have him build a lower-health/higher defense team as his AW defense. This is a game, the game has rules under which it operates, and it is very possible to make decisions under those rules that will put you at a disadvantage. Your alliance mate has done so.

It’s like always moving all your pawns forward 1 square in chess, and then complaining that your Knights and Bishops are always blocked in. Yup, that’s what happens when you make those moves in chess.

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What value is their team nominally worth? Does it show 1500?

If so, I’d recommend submitting a support ticket with this screenshot and the approximate time that the battle happened.

Here’s how to do that, in case you need the info:


Garanwyn I did submit a ticket and here is where it brought my every time for 3 times before I went on and typed in the info. So I dont know where these tickets are to go. I KNOW you was talking to Freddeey

You apparently hit “Report A Bug,” not “Support” on the in-game menu. If you hit the “Support” button, it takes you to the correct place to submit a support ticket. No idea why they chose those two names, but it confuses a lot of people.

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Ok THANK YOU Garanwyn :slight_smile:

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Have to disagree with you on this one. These are the only 4* heros he was able to acquire so far, so telling him “use other heros” won’t really help much.
Also, it might be true that these are the game’s rules, but then they should be stated in-game and not be hidden somewhere in the forum. I’m sure the vast majority of players do not know about this. In-game it even states “STRONGER opponents are worth more points”.

He is neither obligated to use all 4* heroes in his defense, nor to be part of an alliance where he is “by far the weakest player.” Those are decisions that he and you all have made. Perhaps try a lineup with fast 3* debuffers on the wings, like Bane Valen and Berden. Or a dispelling healer, like Belith.

Or an advanced strategy: set ONLY HIS defense to all 1* heroes. It will up the value of the remaining real defenses, and remove the value in farming him. If your enemy wants resets, they’ll be obligated to burn flags at a few points each to get them, offsetting the increase in value of the other defenses.

Just so you’re aware–and not at all because I think this is sufficient–it’s actually published a few places, like the official support website. I completely agree with you that not having stuff like this explained prominently in-game is a real mistake. Far simpler things than defense team composition are huge problems for people–like the game not really telling you that eating your 3* when you get 4* is a very costly bad idea with long-term consequences.

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Thanks, I have now submitted a bug report for it. The opponent did indeed show that they were worth a total of 1500 points hence why it came as a surprise to only get 1498 points for it.

If I were to guess as to the cause I reckon there might have been some recent tinkering to try resolve the rounding error that occurs where a defence grants more than their total points available if taken down using more than one attack (ie when a 1500 point opponent is taken down in 2 attacks the total awarded points for the two attacks is often 1501) that has gone wrong somewhere as naturally this attack was a OHKO but that’s just speculation on my part.


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