War Scores - for peer support

Just to show it’s possible for an alliance to score over 9k

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Nice job, but I want to know something

In war all teams worth together ~1500 points
With only one-shots you can clean board 6 times what will give you 9k points total

Your alliance have over 17k points so this was 2 vs 1 war or something right?


Where is the best player of them?


Yeah, sorry, but what even is this? This is not a real valid war. Something went really screwy somewhere.

This isn’t peer support. This should be in a bug report.


Enemy likely deleted/left the alliance mid-war, to show like that - right?


Even if they left the alliance, should still show something as best enemy… Ex-Member or something like that…

EDIT: If I had to guess… it was originally a 2 v. 2 war, and the other team got completely deleted from the game… not just left the alliance, but actually fully deleted. And that just seems shady to me.

EDIT #2: No, no, even in that scenario, still wouldn’t be possible to score 17k…

Would’ve had to have started as a 1 v. 1, turned into a 2 v. 2 after matchmaking, then turned into a 1 v. 0 after the fact?

Seriously. This makes absolutely no sense.

EDIT #3:

And furthermore… why is said 9000 point scorer no longer in that alliance?

There is something very suspicious about this entire scenario.

FURTHERMORE furthermore… said alliance currently has a war score of ZERO.

I smell something very fishy going on.


Hello, Bug Bounty? Yes, I’d like to file a report. $500 compensation feels sufficient at this time.


Aw dammit you beat me to it! I wasn’t sure if it was something I could be compensated for or not. Definitely falls into the category of “this ain’t right”. But OP posted it, so who gets the compensation?

EDIT: hey how about this… we split the reward. I’ll even give you 80/20.

Maybe the op could post a screenshot of the battlefield.

I guess the loser alliance members didn´t join the winner alliance during war right?

I’m totally happy to have this as a bug report. There was a discussion In peer support that an alliance can’t score more than 9k- which is just not true. In this case- it was a regular war match- 2v1 advantage us- half way through the opponent realizing he can’t win then quit- hence the final result .

I gave your reply a like

War matching is really super flawed in my opinion- i think this is like the third time I’ve had over 9k alliance scores

Dan, this was a few wars ago… hence we moved on, hence ex member

Still it should show the best rival :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

considering how many 1 or 2 man alliances there are in the whole game, yea i would expect war matchmaking to be screwy that far down lol i don’t see any way around that

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I send you another…but not 2v1 - mid size. We scored 20k in the end

This was 5v2 … taken halfway- zoom in at top- 10k halftime . I think this war was a few months ago