War scores are not updating after the last war

They seem to be not moving for the alliance after war.

Ours moved by about 1k after war ended.

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Same here, about 1k increase

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Same here - 1k for the win BUT in periods - a few times x200. Hopefully we get full amount of points. Guess it’s part of the new matchmaking system testing.
Edit: Seems to be adjusting. It is not like it used to be - full amount of points instantly added after the finish of the war.

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We lost and no change in warscore so far, stayed exactly the same, gonna keep an eye on it :thinking:

We lost ~3900 to ~7500
New war matching is perfect

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ours moved in increments as well which didnt happen before

best guess…

individual score adjustments not happening all at once and now making up the total of alliance past war score

i have no other explanation but doesn’t mean the one i have is correct…

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What’s new about that, we have a mismatch against new founded alliances every 2nd time since months :smile:
Off topic, Got destroyed and they even were able to make our war field a piece of art :joy:

I made an alliance of 1. It carried the same war score contribution i have in my current alliance. It seems to be updating for the alliance as ppl log on

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Yes, 1 logged in, warscore down 70 points, another one, down another 75 points :thinking:

We have another “problem”. Question maybe it’s a new rule. One of my player go out for some minute of our alliance, but turned back fast. The war score change, we have lost point. It’s possible that now to have a stability you lost the points in the war score if you go out for a little time?

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