War score went up right after a loss?

Here’s the before war scores:

Here’s the result:

Here’s the after scores, like RIGHT after the war noone could have joined:

Theirs went up the expected 10k but we went up 7k?? How?

Perhaps somebody opted out but checked opt in during the war and were then included as soon as the war ended? War score is win/loss and total value of every participating members top heroes and troops.

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That’s not possible though, is it? You can only opt in/out during war coming soon or matchmaking in progress as far as I can remember. We did have one sit out but I dont see how he could have opted in yet.

I believe you can opt in at any time, but that person won’t be able to fight until the next war. Haven’t tried it myself, but since the war score is constantly adjusting, I would assume that players score would be added to the mix shortly after checking the box.

Your screenshots appear to be before the war start and immediately after the war end. Did you look at it during the war? Perhaps it had already gone up?



This is correct.

Self correcting

War score is also based on heroes so gaining enough emblems for several nodes, or ascension items to ascend a hero, can cause war rating to change.

My Proteus was off color, 1 day, power leveled from 4* 1.25 to 4*+3 for Wonderland Legendary Tier. This would have bumped my war rating since I used 3* ascension items, unlocked 3 nodes, and burned through 10% of my hero XP hoard.


War matching

The Devs implied that base war score is unaffected by win/ loss/ draw.

Instead a modifier is applied based on your last completed war chest ( 5- 25 wars ).


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