War score question not a complaint

So with this new war since the update I looked at our opponents war score and it was dead even with ours. About an hour before war started their score had jumped almost 12,000 points higher. How does that happen after the matchmaking? Thanks in advance for your thoughts or answers :sunglasses:

Did they have someone new join their alliance? If they swapped out a low level player for a heavy hitter, that would explain it.


Could not be done.
You can only do this before matchmaking. Not in the 12 (?) before war and after matchmaking. You cannot join anymore…

So this is a strange thing yes.

If they had people join, or people opting back into wars after matchmaking, it can change the score alot. BUT none of this affects the current war, so it doesn’t affect the outcome of your battle at all.


Ah that makes sense :slight_smile:

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So after the initial match making the war score can change but it shouldn’t affect what happens on the battlefield, for example a heavy hitter would be able to join the alliance but not be able to participate in that first war.


Not really related, but not worth its own thread, could anyone explain how I was hit for a 50 point loss in latest war without losing a single hero?

My team is showing completely unharmed from a single attack??

Nevermind, it looks like it was due to a total alliance reset at the team we are matched against wiped us out immediately.

Some pretty poor match making in wars AGAIN.



War score adjusts in real time. The side effect of this is you dont know the actual scores used for matching. This change in score doesnt impact the match, only the teams used for matchmaking will be used in the war.

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Don’t feel alone on this. We had the same thing happen. There is a 14K difference in our teams since matchmaking ended.

Thank you everybody and of course generally confused LOL I am seeing that there is quite a good war going on the battlefield. Thanks for everybody’s answers makes sense to me now :grinning:

Same with the past 4-5 wars with my alliance. We leveling hero’s troops and our score doesn’t go up. Defeat titan score goes down titan escape score goes up. I know titan score isn’t in the mix but that can’t be a coincidence if it’s every time. Also war matching has been bad for us as well. Well have the same war score but their alliance score over 103k and ours is 93. And of course they annihilate us every time. They are always way too powerful to be matched. Excuse me I have to go finish getting a butt kicking lol :joy:

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Could it also be a matter of cup dropping? If a number of players were cup dropping and then started raiding I imagine they could add 12k to their alliance score quite quickly?

And yes, I know cup dropping isn’t part of the war score …

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I thought I was finnally able to get ya.
But this killed my wish. :joy:

In some way is it tactics as well? Just thinking we tend to lose 1 in 4 wars and it is usually to a more organized alliance. If I look at the battle field and they have mixed element tanks and in a all a lack of cohesion we will almost always win. If they have a tight organized layout it will be a close fight and if 1 or 2 players waste some flags on either side the other team usually wins. Some times I can look at the board and know if we are going to lose even. Just things look too well setup on the other side.

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What do you know our war score went up after we defeated the titan and the war isn’t even over
Before titan defeated and after. While war is still going on. Now when the war ends and we lost the score will go down putting us in the exact same matching Criteria

I can tell if we are going to win the war during my first attack. Because my troops slowly move across the board and my specials dont load as fast and their 4* level 5 troops do my damage than my same troops 4* level 17 troops :thinking:

Maybe someone can answer this for me instead of making a new topic. I have participated in 16 out of 25 wars. But my participation is 6%.
I did leave alliance for 2 mins in that time I didn’t join another alliance and there was no war or matching started yet. I left because I thought I was going on vacation and didn’t want to hold back the Alliance however less than 5 mins later I realized I had the wrong dates and quickly rejoined my same alliance
— It says NOTE: your participation level will reset if you leave this alliance and take part in war for another alliance.
So why did mine reset? @Petri

Did you leave before or after the latest update?

I guess I must have :pensive:

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