War score over 9000

Just out of curiousity - has anyone else experienced a similar score?


Um, no. My alliance best was ~7500 vs ~5000… That is plain mental unless they were deliberately war dropping.

Just my two gems worth…

The maximum score is 9000 maybe due to some rounding it can be a bit more, but only if you use a single flag to take our a single opponent.

That is pretty impressive if there are lot of participants in a war.

I have seen that only for 1-2 participant wars only.


It’s 2 on 2 war actually.


I’ve experienced it in a 2v1 war.

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I think you get a bonus point or two after clearing up a team


It is theoretically possible if every member of your alliance does six one-shots. You get 1500 (plus or minus with round-up) points for each flip of the opponent team. Six flips gives 9000 (plus or minus).

I have seen the 1500 range from 1506 to 1532 in multiple player wars.

I have not seen a bonus for flipping the opponent.

No never experienced that in alliances I have been a member of

Explains the situation here partially. We did 12 one-shots.

I think it is possible to reach above 9k not only due to rounding issues.

You can kill one enemy which is worth above average, wait for him to respawn, perform 5 full clears and then kill the one mentioned above for the 7th time.

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Also looks like it was a bit of a mismatch if they only got 121 points.

Hey, 121 is 11 squared :wink:

Oh definitely, despite the fact that we both only play with 4*, our opponents were way underpowered compared to us. No argument there, I don’t say it was a hard or skillful win or anything. Just wondering about the result here…

My guess would be that we both got 1 bonus point from every one-shot.

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Well, highest I can recall in our wars is almost 6000. That would be just short of a fourth flip.



I guess 9000+ is pretty common under such circumstances… two experienced players with deep rosters and favorable boards sure are able to win all their flags… what I find out of the ordinary is the enemy’s 121 score… that one is really strange… was is due to non combat or what?

One of the opponents (the stronger one, judging by the defense team) took six shots at my gf’s defense team (the weaker one in our alliance). Hence the 121 points. Other opponent probably thought it was useless to attack.

Scored 121 points in 6 shots? Damn! What’s a one shot worth, 750 or so, ain’t it? So, in 6 shots they killed what, one or two heroes? Strange… really strange… can’t see how anyone could be so unlucky not to be able to kill one team with 6 flags, unless on purpose… really strange… I had one of the worst wars I can recall, yesterday, and stil, I did three one-shots… anything less seems science fiction…

It was after all Arrow Barrage war, we both had two healers at the front lines. Red center, Boldtusk, with 20 emblems. I guess this explains things. One other option could be that the opponent was just making a hit-and-run just for Path of Valor, seeing that they couldn’t win anyway.

Actually, they killed 0 heroes. Only wounded some.

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Yes, hit and runs might explain it, but it’s a little late in the curent PoV for the war hits quest… who knows… anyway, that’s the widest score gap in the history of alliance wars, I guess…

One vs one -

no bonus points though, which makes it a little more confusing

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