War Score Observation

After the win this morning our alliance was at a score of 323,000. Throughout the day it was slowly creeping up towards 324,000. Sometime within the last few hours it dropped 10,000 to 314,000. Can anyone confirm if the win penalty and loss bonus decay over time??


I don’t believe it decays, but I do believe that it takes into account x number of wars, and when a new result is logged the oldest rolls off the calculation.

I don’t believe it decays, but like you, I have noticed war score increasing at a slow pace. I assume this is due to alliance members increasing hero levels and troop levels.

Maybe it decreases if someone in your alliance clicks the “opt out” button?

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Actually, scratch my explanation above, it isn’t exactly correct. But win loss doesn’t decay.

Added screenshots to original

I opted out temporarily and our score decreased by 16k within a minute. So someone in your alliance did the same.


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