War Score Matchmaking Broken?

I have now tracked the data that I can obtain for our past seven Alliance Wars with relatively the same results. War Scores are approximately the same in most cases. 20 to 23 participating members. Assume that the on average the five heroes and Troops that comprise all defensive teams for both sides are comprised of a majority of the strongest Heroes/Troops.

I then totaled the Team Power of all Battleground Teams for both sides. In all cases the opposing alliances defensive team power is 200 to 400 greater than ours per Team. Remember that is per Team for a total difference of 4000 to 6000. You can speculate that we are all keeping our strongest Heroes on our bench and not on the Battleground but that would be pretty silly and know 15 of the 20 members have their strongest or close to their strongest heroes on the battlegrond.

My question to SG and I would like for them to look into this is how can we always have similar War Scores but be so far apart in our strongest defensive teams? This seems to indicate a flaw or bug in the War Score calculation which is weighted on your five strongest Troops and Heroes. There is now way for me to see the 25 remaining heroes from both sides and that is where I am looking to SG. It seems very improbable that our overall bench strength differs significantly that the opposing Alliances. So something odd is going on the War Score or matchmaking system…

This issue has been discussed extensively. Please read response of the SG staff: War Matchmaking Issue -- Proposed Solutions (Developer response: post 107)

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Thanks for the link to the post but that really doesn’t explain how we can be so far apart in relative defensive team strength and have similar War Scores. We have a relatively stable membership and most would have the same losing record over the last 20 wars. 6 wins and 14 losses so our War Score modifier should be pretty low I can’t figure our for the life of me why we are not on the other side of the coin once in a while where our defensive teams are 200 to 300 power greater on average than our opponent. I would love that match up. Am I missing something? How do we get on the other side of the coin and face a weaker Alliance once in a while???

Defensive team power has nothing to do with war score.

There are many threads dedicated to this topic including the one Ultra linked.

My understanding is that the war score is weighted maybe significantly on your five strongest heroes and troops. I would believe that you would field most if not all of your five strongest heroes. I know that is the case for my defensive team. Am I to assume that our bench strength of 25 remaining heroes for each member is significantly greater than the opponents. I find that highly unlikely as they are usually higher level opponents on average also.

Based on how devs explained it, yes.

Nope. If that would be your basis, then it is entirely wrong. You can’t generalize it. I for one don’t field my top-powered heroes in my war defense for various reasons, i.e. war defense synergy, troop support, etc. Many top players don’t necessarily place their strongest hero in defense just because they can.

Well, good for you. In my alliance, us strong players tend to farm points, immediately from the beginning of the war repeatedly killing those same enemy teams over and over again, on those war enemy teams that have the highest TP, which usually provide the highest points potential if one-shotted than any other team, especially if such teams have fielded heroes that don’t have defensive synergy placed there by the player because they are his/her strongest heroes and may have heroes costumes since the added health total provide additional points.

Also, the enemy team may have also suffered consecutive losses against much stronger or competitive alliances causing their war score to fall resulting them to be matched with an alliance with almost-equal war score.

There is really no point assuming what the remaining heroes of the enemy are. Heroes are there serving as tools for you to solve the tile puzzle on the opening boards for you to accomplish the task of wiping out the defending heroes. I also have good heroes on my bench, but they don’t necessarily translate that I would win when i attack an enemy team as the opening board may suck, or that favorable tiles elude you, or that RNG just messes us up.

Just do the best you can on any given opponent team. And hope your other mates also do so. Improve your war strategy, if you have any. There are many threads here providing war strategies and you may opt for any of those that can be applicable to your alliance.

At the end of the day, when the time comes to open the war chest, the loots contained therein is not much worth of the effort winning wars. Most our war chests suck most of the time anyways.

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Ultra - thank you for taking the time to reply to my post is detail. I have read Developer Response (107) and it does not address the War Score disparity as it relates to apparent Team Strength on the Battleground. As I can only see 5 Heroes from each player on both sides I think it would be fair to assume that some have their strongest heroes and some do no. But overall it would be a good representation on average of the stronger side. I have been tracking on team total strength for eight wars in a row and the opponents teams are always 200 to 300 power greater than ours on average. 200 times 19 teams is a total difference of 3800. I would lover to have this advantage in our favor every once in a while. The matchup disparity over this length of time has led to my total distaste for Wars and now I will only stay in them to use Flags for POV. Don’t get me wrong, I do alight in the war even though I am always having to attack teams that are 600 to 700 TP greater than my attack teams. Would be nice if the difference was smaller but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

One thing is for certain the War Chest Loot is not worth worrying about. I always place in the Top 10% for the weekly tournaments and so far that has been the best source of Loot and Ascension items.

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