War Score Increase in 24 hours

Just a general query in regards to the War Score calculation.

In our current alliance war it looked like a pretty good match up - similar war score and pretty comparable team member powers. Their alliance score was lower than ours by about 10k. So was going to be a good war.

However, between today and yesterday their war score has shot up by 20k points, their alliance score now beats ours and they are ahead in the war.

I’m not posting to complain about how we are losing, I’m just curious as to how it happened. Can you manipulate your war score to get easier match ups? Or is there maybe something I’m missing?


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Alliance score consists of two parts: members’ trophies and titan score. Most likely they killed a titan and got that score raise. Or may be they had some good raiding as well.

Definitely talking about war score and not alliance score right?


While maybe not probable, its possible they power leveled the crap out of their teams. Held onto trainer heroes and feeders and loaded up. War score also based off top 30 heroes and troops.


Yeah it was war score… But it’s early and realised they added players! Ignore me. :grin:


Lol you found the answer.

Mystery solved and it’s good to hear they (hopefully) can’t manipulate their war score like that

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