War Score goes up after sixth loss in a row?

I have read several hundred posts including the FAQ and Alliance War Matchmaking Change Log. I am fairly certain I understand the basis used for calculation of the Alliance War Score. Here are the particulars that I am aware of. Regarding January 20 Alliance War between the Wisconsin Wolf Pack and DieZockeropas ü40. I totaled the Team Powers from the Battleground which should give a good indication of the 5 strongest heroes and troops used in War Score calculation. Totaled the Levels of Alliance Members participating in the War. This should give a relative idea of bench depth as 30 top heroes used for War Score calculation. Our historical War performance won 5 then lost 10 in a row so it should be fairly negative for our War Score.

We had 5 Teams in the war below 3200 Team Powers (TP) . They had 1 members below3200 TP in War.

Total Def Team Powers on Battleground and War Score:
DieZockeropas ü40 82,653 War Score: 46,731 War Score After Win 47,493
Wisconsin Wolf Pack 77,742. War Score: 46,685 War Score After Loss 48,831 *

  • Nobody joined our Alliance to make the War Score go up?

Difference in Total Defensive Team Power is 4,911 or 234 points greater for each defensive team. No way you are going to win when each Team you face is 234 points greater and your Team is likely 200 points lower.

I have five attack teams at 3700 to 3800 TP and because of the disparity routinely have to attack 4100 to 4400 TP teams (average difference of 400 to 600 TP).

I also summed the Levels of participating members.
DieZockeropas ü40 910 Levels
Wisconsin Wolf Pack 850 Levels

This is a difference for 3 Levels/member lower participating in the War on average

My question for SG: How can our War Scores be the same as theirs?

and more importantly

How the heck did our War Score go up by 2,000 after losing 6 wars in a row???

Their War Score went up by about 800 after their Win.

All the metrics used for calculating War Score would indicate we should have a significantly lower War Score.
I ask that you please check into this and let me know what metric or bug is leading to the disparity in War Score when all known details would indicate we should have a significantly lower War Score.

The other issue is why did our War Score go up by more than our War Score after several losses in a row.

I do not think there is a problem with matchmaking I think the problem lies somewhere in the way the software (bug) is calculating the War Score.

We have now lost 10 of our last 11 matchups and the matchmaking is worse than ever.

Your time and consideration of this matter is greatly appreciated.

The only thing I can logically think of is that one of your alliance members who was opted out of the war is now opted back in.

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Maybe but we only have two very low level members who did not participate so I will ask if either signed up for next war. I took screen shot of War Score at 6 am (two hours after war ended). From my data I keep on this topic I doubt either member would add 2000+ to our War Score.

We recently had a pay to play Level 27 depart and War Score dropped by only 1,800.

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Given that the war score is based on the player’s top 30 heroes, is it possible that some people are ascending new heroes? Basically, if someone has got a roster full of 3s and starts speed ascending a new 5 during the war, it can make a difference in the war score. And if everyone does it, it could significantly increase. It’s just a thought.

Noop. The low level players we have are free to play and only semi-active. I am just trying to wrap my head around this. Based on what I can piece together War Score should go up or down by roughly 1000 after Win/Loss respectively so I am really looking at a 3000 point discrepancy as I expected our War Score to go down by 800 to 1,000 instead of up by 2000? We just lost two best members so it would be nice to get actual answer from SG so we know what to tell our Low Level learning players who have had no targets at all in the last six wars.

Yeah… I couldn’t say. The war scores are a bit weird. I always had the impression that the war score after a war included everyone (including the ones who had opted out). Maybe check again during the matchmaking process and see if it decreases?

The one thing I can think of is that it might be also partly from each player increasing the power of their top 30 heroes/ 5 troops from levelling up. I’d imagine this can impact more heavily on the lower end as opposed to at the top end where top 30 are all maxed to begin with.

The other thing is to not bother looking at player level when thinking about scores. Player levels are not taken into account for any part of the metrics.

My guess is your alliance score (past 20 wars history) reached 0.
It cant go lower than that, so some member opted in

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What @Rfmsaid. Or that the match that rolled off was also a loss, so no change to war score from this loss. But heroes and troops were leveled up, so the war score increases.

Yeah but hard to believe. Opposing Alliance War score only went up 800 and they Won. One member not in war left our alliance and just heard from the other and they did not opt in. 2000 points is like a complete Level 30 thirty hero max rooster. So I believe there is still a problem with the war score algorithm. Thanks for your replies.

I still would respectfully request an answer from SG. Basted on on board Hero and Troop strengths and the likelihood that our War Score modifier is 0 there is no way we should be paired against an Alliance that is 200 TP stronger than our defenses across the Board. In the last 10 matchups there was not a single matchup where our on Board Team Power was even close to the opposing Alliance. It would be nice to be on the other side and attacking Teams that are 200 TP less on average. Our War Scores have usually the same or bit higher than our opponents. So I believe based on the fact that 30 strongest heroes and 5 strongest Troops comprise a majority of the War Score that something is broken in the way the War Score is calculated. We have 5 members below Level 25 (with def TP less than 3000), 5 members Level 26-39, 10 members Level 40 to 50 and 2 in the 60s.

Remember there have been no opposing defenses with at TP less than 3000 while in each war we have had 4 to 5 Teams less than 3000 TP.

My thoughts we had a Level 26 member depart and War Score dropped by 1800. In the War weak team is killed 4 times by opponent with 5 Flags (224 points for opponent). This is 45 points per weak Flag. Comes out to about 270 points for 6 weak Flags.

With no weak teams or heroes to attack and no bench strength Level 26 gets 67 points with 6 weak Flags. Net impact of low level player is -203 points for 6 weak Flags from each side.

This is about the same result for all four to five of our low level players equating to about a 800 to 1000 point deficit for 24 weak flags from each side.

Level 65 departs from our Alliance and War Score drops 3600 points.
Strongest Team killed twice by opponent with 3 Flags (168 points).
Assuming opponent uses 3 Flags to kill similar high level team twice = 376 points for six of opponents strongest Flags.
Level 65 gets 387 points with his 6 Flags.
Net impact of Level 65 member +11 points (387-376 points) for 6 strong Flags on both teams.

This is the primary flaw I see with the War Score system.

While two low level players will account for 3600 point of War Score they will account for negative 400 points for the Alliance with the two weak teams.

On the flip side the high level player accounts for 3600 points of the War Score and hopes to break even or better than the opponent does so roughly a no net effect on War Score.

Again I respectfully request an answer from SG on why our War Score is similar or higher than opponents when all know information suggests opponents score should be significantly more or our War Score significantly less. A simple statement for SG that says we looked into this matter and your 25 Bench heroes are much stronger than the opponents would suffice.

Thanks for your time and consideration of my request.

One thing I have read on the war score algorithm is that it is heavily weighted to top 5 heroes and less to 6-30, and for a weaker player that is a huge negative. This makes depth a low impact to war score but a huge impact on the war field and it is why you are seeing a level 65 the same points as two level 20 players. It is a flawed system and SG should address it, but they are too busy making costumes for Finley and gravemaker.

My experience as a one man show that a win or loss used to be worth 2.67% but the metric has changed and now war scores are for individual players AND then combined for a total. Maybe you have some outstanding performers and one or two dead losses?

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