War score did not increase despite we won!

Hi guys
I am semih_the_conquerer from Moon & Star. Today we were at war against Shadow Warriors. Before the war has started our war score was 101479. Then we won but the score didn’t change. Now our current score 101481 you can see our alliance’s score. What is the reason you have any idea??

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Is this about maximum penalties?? @Rook

Hi everybody. This position is very important, what Semih notes here. We spent so much time in this game since years. We coordinate with our clan the warfights with different tactics and won. But >>>>> Can anyone tell, why our score did not change ??? If we can’t score anymore…how we will went up to the Top ??? Moon & Star is waiting for an answer. Thx

War score should not go down after winning a war, UNLESS…

Did anyone LEAVE your alliance during or after the war? If so, their teams will no longer be calculated in to your war score.

Did anyone in your alliance OPT OUT of future wars? If so, again, their teams will no longer be calculated in your total war score.

Did any member of your alliance FAIL TO USE ANY FLAGS for 2 wars in a row? If so, they might have been automatically opted out of future wars.

The only other possible explanation I can think of is that somebody in your alliance fed their war heroes to other heroes. Which would only make sense if they were low level players who used unleveled feeders for their backup war teams (though I can’t imagine that low level team powers would have a significant impact on a large alliance’s overall war score).

War score only considers the last 10 wars for win/loss record. If your 10th previous war was a win, and you won this one, you’d be replacing a win with a win on that list, and so nothing would change in your score.

W L W W L W L L W W and W W L W W L W L L W both have 6 wins and 4 losses, so will result in the exact same win/loss adjustment to war score. Only if the 10th previous fight were a loss would your score go up.

That couple of extra points of war score you got is probably just natural leveling of heroes and troops by people in the alliance.


It’s not exactly like this.

The basic war score is increase/decreased by 2.5% after every win/lose, with a 25% limit.

If your war score didn’t increase, it means you are already at +25%.

Let me add that I don’t like this management.
Once an alliace reaches the maximum score, doing L W L W or W W W W, leads to the same score.

Are you sure about this? That is not taking into consideration the last 10 wars, which is exactly what the devs have said they do.

Win last 10 = 2.5*10 = 25%

If you then L W L W you are nol longer 10-0 and should not get +25%…

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I can’t be 100% sure, but I checked the war score of more than one alliance for mounths.

I don’t know what devs said, but I strongly think the war score is not simply taking into consideration the last 10 wars.

If it is as you say, after a win, the war score should increase only if you lost 10 wars ago.
Several times the war score should not change, if in the current war you obtain the same result as 10 war ago.
I always see the score increasing/decreasing after the war, unless you win but you already reached the 125% limit.

I also checked my individual war score in the alliance (deselect the war partecipation flag and see how much the alliance score decrease) and I checked my base war score (I opened a new alliance and I checked my score).
My war score was 125% of the base score, even if my alliance didn’t win 10 wars in a raw.
I always know in advance our war score in advance, in case of win or lose.

You can check your own alliance after a a win/lose sequence.
Of course you should also take into account that a change of a member have a sudden impact in the war score.
Also leveling heroes increase the score.
Would be interesting to have more data to confirm (or not) my calculations.

It would be hard to check this in my alliance as no one has 30 maxed 5* heroes and 5 maxed 4* troops, so hero leveling is changing war score all the time, even during the war itself.

That’s interesting. Good to know.

I’ve been somewhat keeping track of my alliance’s win/loss ratio lately. I know we had 4 wins in a row, with a loss before that, followed by a loss, followed by two wins, then a loss, then another win this morning. So that would put our current 10 war stat at L W W W W L W W L W. I don’t recall exactly whether we won or lost the 11th one before that, but I believe my alliance’s war score did improve a bit after today’s victory (though we’re all still leveling our teams).

So with 7/10 wins, essentially our war score will increase if we win our next war (putting us at 8/10), but it should remain unchanged if we lose (still at 7/10)?

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