War Score Calculations

Hi there,

I would like a some clarification regarding the War score calculations please.

There is a part where it says that it takes into account “The most powerful heroes”… Can you elaborate on that please?

For example, If I just gotScreenshot_20181102-142422_Empires a 5 star warrior… does that mean it takes into account that I havent levelled it yet or is it basing everything off of when that warrior is fully levelled or ascended…

Hope you have better luck than i did

The 5 stars power will reflect you haven’t leveled that Hero yet. If you look at its power, that is what it is adding to the total score. If it happens that its power rating brings it to be one of your top six, then it will have extra weight added. Part of the recent release that changed Heroes power was to make 5 stars more accurately reflect their real power, rather than their potential power - and hence create better matches. Even though this was a big improvement, in some cases a 5 star is still over rated at lower levels…