War Score Calculation Problem/Error

I have read several hundred posts including the FAQ and Alliance War Matchmaking Change Log. I am fairly certain I understand the basis used for calculation of the Alliance War Score. Here are the particulars that I am aware of. Regarding January 3 Alliance War between the Wisconsin Wolf Pack and cesko. I totaled the Team Powers from the Battleground which should give a good indication of the 5 strongest heroes and troops used in War Score calculation. Totaled the Levels of Alliance Members participating in the War. This should give a relative idea of bench depth as 30 top heroes used for War Score calculation. Our historical War performance won 5 then lost 4 in a row so it should be fairly neutral to War Score.

Details: We had six of the 23 Teams in the war below Level 30 with four defense Team Powers (TP) below 3000. They had no members below Level 30 and all TP in War were 3800+.

Total Def Team Powers on Battleground and War Score:
cesko 93,691 War Score: 51,112
Wisconsin Wolf Pack 85,590. War Score: 53,358

Difference is Total Defensive Team Power is 8,100 or 352 points greater for each defensive team.

I also summed the Levels of participating members.
cesko 1,125 Levels
Wisconsin Wolf Pack 952 Levels

This is a difference for 7.5 Levels/member participating in the War.

My question for SG: How can our War Scores be higher than theirs?

All the metrics used for calculating War Score would indicate cesko should have a significantly higher War Score or Wisconsin Wolf Pack should be significantly lower. I ask that you please check into this and let me know what metric or bug is leading to the disparity in War Score when all known details would indicate cesko should have a significantly higher War Score than the Wisconsin Wolf Pack.

Your time and consideration of this matter is greatly appreciated.

i don’t think player levels are really all that relevant in the discussion of war scores as they aren’t used in any part of the war score calculation

past performance could actually be the reason for the difference in war scores though

if they’re a fairly new alliance that hasn’t fought 20 wars yet, then their past performance score is incomplete and can be rather low even if they have larger depth than you guys. so even if as you say your alliance’s past performance score should be in the 12-15 penalty stage, theirs could still be lower than that but they were still the closest to you guys with the same amount of members

all theory and i could be way off…

think the difference in war score is roughly 1 win/loss difference between you guys


Hi Rigs: Thanks for the Reply. Yeah, I know the Levels are not used in War Score calculation, but the participating members in their Alliance were 7.5 Levels higher each for all 23 participating members. That is a significant difference. Their Alliance was formed over 3 years ago. With those two facts I would find it hard to believe that their bench depth/top 30 heroes were far ahead of ours. We have 6 members at/below Level 30 they had none below Level 30. All factors used for calculating War Score would indicate they should have had a higher War Score. Yet our War Score was 53,358 and theirs was 51,110.

Of Note: After losing our 5th War (this one) in a row our War Score dropped from 53,358 to 53,064. So apparent drop of 300 with a loss added to all 23 members war history.



:-1: :-1: :-1:!!!

This is HIGHLY variable, and depends on many factors that are unknowable.

True, but there’s no way for you to know their history. What if they were at zero penalties, compared to your 11? (An alliance starts at 10, gains one for each win, loses one for each loss.)

I’m not trying to tell you that I think SG’s war score formula is a great matching tool. But what I CAN tell you for sure is that it’s too opaque for this sort of analysis to ever be useful, beyond the first step you noted.


hmm weird. In Saders, a win or loss typically bumped our score ~2k up or down

That was before individual war scores were implemented though, been on bit of hiatus so haven’t paid as much attention to it as I used to.

Though past history is figured in % of an alliance’s current war score up or down after a win/loss so could possibly explain the smaller scale of movement for your alliance’s score.

Your whole alliance fairly free to play or cheap to play? spending could be a determing factor here, as well as way each alliance develops heroes.

Definitely not always the easiest thing to figure out with surface info.

Hopefully devs might give you more insight into it than I can

@mhalttu is the guy to ask about war as far as i know.

I’d guess that the amount that wins/losses affect an alliance’s war score depends proportionally on both their roster score, and number of members.

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which makes up their total war score

so yes…you’re correct

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@mhalttu Can you take a look into this War Score calculation disparity when you get a chance. It would be greatly appreciated. I am doing this for the lower Level members in our Alliance so they at least have a target or two on the other side to go for and not get all 0s and single digit points against all very strong opposing teams. Thanks in Advance.

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Yes, I agree but I find it very unlikely that an Alliance in existence for 3 years with 23 members each 7.5 Levels higher then ours has a bench shortage. I am sure that 6 of our 23 members do not even have 10 max level 3 star heroes yet. I think the bench depth and power of 30 strongest heroes will be even greater then Battlefield indicates. Just my $0.02. Thanks for reading and posting.


Hi - I’m like some insight into the following battle between my alliance Klaatu and Coracao de Pudim
Jan 9-10. My question is, at the beginning of the battle our War Score was 45291, theirs was 54493, a differential of 9162, or a % difference of just over 20%. I’ve not seen such a large differential in any prior war. Since I’ve been tracking this the largest differential I’ve seen is 3000, which was well under a 10% difference. Is this an error or is there a reason why this happened in this battle? Thanks for your insights!

It’s probably down to there not being many alliances with the same number of members as you, so the spread between you and the next closest such alliance is going to be highly volatile. How many people in your alliance?

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21 total, 17 participating in the war. It doesn’t seem like that would be the issue, but if that’s the case then I’m rather surprised that this is the case given the size of the game participant pool. Let me know if that’s actually the case, which implies that it could happen again. Are there public stats regarding how many alliances there are of each size?

I think this is indicated by the number of members and the damage done

Not aware of any info sources for that. Purely speculating.


People opting in/out for the next war can have a big impact on score. They likely had members join for the next war or you had someone opt out for the next war.

You can test this by opting out for next war after matchmaking is done- your team war score will go down significantly & will be lower than your opponent but you will still be in the current war.

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