War Score as part of the Alliance Score [Developer Update in Post #100]

A number of people have requested that we’d include War Score in the overall Alliance Score. Should we?

  • Yes
  • No

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If we did, what should be the formula? Based on a quick look, we could just divide the war score by 6 to keep it approximately in line with the other scores. Better ideas?


How would this effect matchmaking? You guys are finally getting this issue sorted. Would hate to undo all of the progress.


This would not affect the matchmaking in any way.


Wouldn’t this cause ppl cup and/titan drop to get lower score or would it.not affect the war score?

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No he just answered that lol if it doesnt effect matchmaking then neither will alliance score

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Might I recommend putting the War score on the main alliance page under the alliance score so people don’t get confused…as upset :)?


So why divide it by 6 and why not just make a separate leaderboard for war scores and show war records in alliance score description or something along those lines.

I guess I’m not understanding the point of including war score in alliance score since i wasnt one of the people requesting it. Is there a thread that brought up this poll?

This subject just seems a bit sudden and out of left field to me. Not sure which thread or posts you read to bring it up at this point in time.


The war score will be just added to the existing alliance score (Cups + Titans).
So the alliancescore itself will not Change the war score or the matchmaking


Having 2 distinct scores help … the matchmaking is getting better… I like the idea of having both on facepage of alliance. Would help people see that it’s not a out of wack matchup


Sounds like an interesting idea. I guess you did some early simulations of that, so what would be the impact on the rankings if at all?

Alliance score is simply a single number that one can look at when comparing alliances. I like the idea of including the war score (why not?).

Alliance score would then be comprised of trophies, titan scores, alliance heroes and war win/loss record.

Dividing by 6 makes sense.

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Guess I’m a little slow. I dont understand the dividing by 6 part.

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War Score isn’t just based off of how well you do in a war.
It includes heroes and troop lvls of the current members…

So basically your ranking an alliance on its arsenal rather than how well it’s doing


Do not see why would you change that. I believe that current scoring is just fine, so that alliance know how they cope with cups and titans and AW separately since these are separate things… But I like the idea to have both scores on alliance section…

LOL, War score is much higher than the two other components making up the alliance score, so you have to make it fit, else it will completely dominate


But if it’s just added to it and you can still see all 3 separate then what does it matter?

Great point, and one I hadn’t thought of when I voted.

War score does reflect a combination of bench heroes multiplied by a factor based on recent war performance. What if the current alliance score were adjusted by that same war performance factor?


I agree, but the alliance score should reflect both the strength of an alliance and how well they do in wars and against titans to make sense on the leaderboard.
If only the number of aw wins counted it wouldn’t show the strength of the the alliances defeated and that should be a factor if included in alliance score.

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I’m still thinking a separate war leaderboard would be a better solution buut idk exactly know how that would be implemented either unless it’s simply based points per win or loss and the higher the war score of opponent, the more points an opponent is worth in the leaderboard record statistic.

Simply meaning an alliance with a war score of 200k beating other 200k opponents and being undefeated isnt the same feat as 400k war score beating other 400k opponents and being undefeated.

Idk alliance score is probably the simplest route i guess


On topic I voted no because I think it will create a bigger gap between alliances. My alliance is under 10k alliance score away from top 100, if everyone above us gains alliance score from wars it seems less achievable. Off topic I’m disappointed that after all the discussion in the forums recently this is what you guys are focusing on. Especially considering you said it doesn’t help war matchups in any way, it’s almost just a cosmetic change…


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