WAR ROOM: The Light of HELIOS v. The Darkness of BATMAN DARK KNIGHTS


Special thanks to Razor and team for being gracious opponents.


@Cvs gets to keep their name for another war :grin:

Grand thread everyone, thanks for sharing


You’re changing your name now

@JonahTheBard needs to be @jonahCVS’sBard for 24 hours


In case anyone is curious… we have 1 open spot.

@Cvs do you have that link?


Nuance matters when flags are left, pretty sure the points were too much to overcome.

Fun fighting with you Batman. We had a great time in our war rooms and we hope to meet you again soon!




Thanks for this thread @Cvs
Really enjoyed following the war progress.
I’m sure you’ll have no trouble filling that vacancy, great recruitment strategy too - Congrats :tada::partying_face:.

I will need to fill my :popcorn: for the next one :star_struck:. Thanks again :smile:


You looking? Lol :joy:

20 poachings


Alas, I’m happy in my full alliance. We might yet meet on the battlefield when your vacancy is filled :wink:. I hope we don’t have long to wait :thinking:.


Congratulations to the winner!! Well fought battle. Would have been nice to see all flags used but it is what it is. Thanks for preserving such an exciting war, it’s appreciated.

I’ll wait patiently for the next meeting of these two powerhouse alliances!!


Totally agree. Always best to see 100% usage. But the same has happened to helios in the past, just have to adjust and move on.

Fortunately for Helios, pretty hard to get 241 points in 4 flags in a 29 person war!

It was a fun war with a great alliance. I’m sure we will meet again… and I’m sure Helios will be ready for it!

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Yeah flag usage always bothers me. We offer the opt out but expect flags to be used. It’s understandable that life/work gets in the way. But we’ve had consistent opt in, use 0-1 flags consecutively, which ended in removal. That I just never understand? But people are strange, I know because I’m one of them :wink:


No doubt.

I give them extra leeway since they are in transition from their old to new alliance (Batman family), but no matter what, it’s the one area you can make up hits and it really effects the whole team.


Agreed, I’ve been very Lucky with my training alliance and have some very good players now. We have been on a winning streak, just beat a team with a year more experience than us. It was close but we used all of our flags while they left 22. There were a few “ex-members” at the end of that one.

The end of war kicks would be funnier if we didn’t all know that pain of having to do it ourselves.

And training alliances are always extra volatile due the a wide range of players. But they can be so much fun too. Sounds like you guys are doing great thought!

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I’m proud of my team (if that’s not obvious?) they are a scrappy bunch and never give up. We were down 4200-650 at the beginning of the 2nd round. I played like crap, not that that’s not normal, just extra crappy this war. My team picked up the slack and won it in the last 15 mins.

You are 100% correct @Cvs, this training alliance was tough to get the right people. Many don’t last, others move on to more established alliances. Plus you have those strange ones pop in with all maxed 5* D’s, obviously have played for awhile, but don’t like to communicate much. Some stick around for months then just wander off? Haven’t figured these particular players out yet.

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Which alliance is it? I would love to check it out!

Voidbringers. There’s only one. “Leeeroy Jeeenkins” was suggested until I showed them how many of those there were :joy:

It looks like you got a good mix in there!

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I believe I’ve been very lucky with the players that joined. They all will be exceptional players. Some have much better rosters than me!! But they are smart enough to work on their 3/4* before jumping on their Kage’s or Onatel’s or GM’s.

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