War rewards by alliance rank?

I wondered loudly once (didn’t get any reply, it’s ok coz it was a while ago and burried in a post):

In wars, when the alliance ranked #5 (by titan score, now) wins, and the alliance ranked #5,000 also wins, do the members of alliance #5 get better rewards than the members of alliance #5,000 ?
In other words, do the “top” alliances get better rewards in war?

Since wars works on the difference of two similar guilds… i really hope not.

Cause a top alliance that battle another top alliance as the same difficulty of a smaller one fighting another small.


Also just like raid tiers, the strong will get stronger (more loot) fighting each other while the weak will have an even harder time to catch up.

Unless somebody is collecting a dataset of AW loot across several alliances at different levels, the answer to your question is:

Nobody knows.

(except SG devs and they haven’t said anything about it)

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