War Revenge: Love it, hate it, or undecided? (poll inside)

  • It’s okay, but it needs tweaking
  • I hate it / It needs tweaking
  • I hate it / Get rid of it
  • I am undecided

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NOTE: I made a mistake in poll naming. Choose “I hate it / It needs tweaking” if you think it needs tweaking, even if you think it is an OK feature.

So, how do you fell about the current Revenge feature in Wars? Is it good as is? Should it be tweaked?

If you have not fought in a alliance-verses-alliance war yet, please do not vote.

I personally hate it because it is so powerful. I would be OK with tweaking it, but it needs to be an extreme… such as one-third its current strength and not increasingly stronger as you loose your heroes.

This topic is only about your current view of the feature, not how to fix it if necessary. Instead, use Alliance War Experiences and other topics like this one and this one to discuss how it can be fixed.

This topic is only meant to be a poll.


Just so you know, it doesn’t get increasingly stronger. Every time it fires, it does 25% damage to each hero of that hero’s full health. It gets faster, 1 turn faster, for each dead defender. But it doesn’t get stronger. And it scales up and down to hero’s max health (i.e. does the same 25% to a 5* 80 as a level 1 3*)


You could add an I lke it/needs tweak category

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The poll would have been better off with an option like “I like it, might need adjustment”.

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I disagree with you about the revenge feature, but love your idea of a poll! Nice!

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I don’t dislike it.
I can’t say i love it (i’m not a masochist), but it add something new and spicy.

Without it is just a normal raid, and as you can see top alliance need it to make use all of the energy.

The revenge attacks are still a royal pain as was intended, but the slower attack makes it work better now. Still can’t turtle away too much, but you can ghost tiles a little bit.

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Sorry, I forgot about that one, and it is too late to edit it now.

You are right. I knew it, but I typed it the wrong way.

If you want, you could close this and make a new poll, or edit the first post to note that “love it” includes “like it/could be tweaked”.

I think it’s fine either way. :slight_smile:

I’ve liked it before the nerf, but now I kind of love it! It’s a new mechanic that makes you think twice about what you are using in your team, and what opponent to go after.

No, I can’t. When I try to, it tells me that I cannot make changes to a poll after the first five minutes have passed and that I should contact a moderator.

So, maybe you can do it.

If you can, change “I hate it / it needs tweaking” to “It’s OK, but it needs tweaking”

That should be sufficient without creating an additional option and messing with the current poll results.

Done. I hope it didn’t fiddle with the poll. Happy gaming!

I like the idea of a poll.

I was ambivalent about it before playing my first war. After that it has put me on the side of ‘Don’t like it… get rid’.

  • I feel it influences defence strategy too much… to the point where it pretty much trivialises defence. If you stock up a defence with good healers and defence boosters, you can count on the arrows doing all your damage for you. This will lead to less variety in your defending teams and start encouraging a formulaic choice of team and strategy to attack.

  • It shortens the fun as attacker. I had a couple of encounters that were developing nicely… starting with a bad board, but then evolving in the right direction by some prudent placement and choices and nicely poised to strike… then BLAM arrow strike. It shortens the encounter too much and has too big an influence on the outcome. It makes it more about your choice of opponent than how you play the opponent.

  • It’s a further disincentive to attacking the stronger teams. Going up against a good team for the better points they offer is already a tough choice. It becomes a trivial choice when factoring in revenge attacks… the answer becomes a simple ‘no, not worth it’. So it becomes a game of waiting for the weaker to revive and if you have no choice just chucking your remaining pawns like lemmings at the stronger teams for the hell of it.

I’d prefer to axe it entirely, but reading comments above about it being a disincentive to just ghost your way to victory, I can see some place for it… but really needs scaling back a lot to not make it THE deciding factor of any potentially close battle.

I know you asked not to propose solutions in this thread, but personally I think it’s a good place for it (better than the other threads).

A simple approach maybe is to scale the revenge based on team power discrepancy between the attacker and defender. This solves 2 problems… it’s an incentive to go after the stronger teams because if they are stronger they will be supported by no (or a very weak) revenge… and also makes the weaker teams more ‘expensive’ to keep attacking over again to farm them for points. It then acts as a leveller, AND still gives you the tactical challenge of coping with them or not depending on your encounter.

(The role play reason for this… you bring in your archers to shore up your defence where needed - that has your more shaky troops… and rely on your Elite troops to hold their line on their own strength… because presumably you don’t have an indefinite no. of archers)


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