War result

Hey @Rigs enjoyed the war, close one until the very end! We were biting our nails to see f we would pull it out. Hope we get matched again someday. :grinning:

TBolt88 - Gramps Gladiators


It was awesome, we thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!! I underestimated you guys and yoy guys totally proved me wrong. A lot of fun, i hope we can do it again soon! Maybe we’ll have discord or you guys will have line by the time the rematch happens, would love to see vids from you guys and our guys

Congrats on the win! Hope it’s the start of a chest filling streak!!!

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I don’t think anyone has Line but a few of us are thinking of getting accounts since it is used so often. We are a scrappy bunch, used to get just demolished pretty often, I think it made us better to have so many difficult matches. Great fun, let’s do it again sometime.

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Line is awesome, sooo much fun to exchange vids and banter

My line id: jrigs

Add me as soon as you get it

And here’s a screenshot so we can compare results next time

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