War reset score

I have calculated the score that we cuold make if we make to reset.
My alliance can make 1526 while the other alliance can make 1531 points.

How ever the total points are not the same?

Thank you

Score at clean board reset should be the same for both sides. Are you sure about the math part? Difference is neglectable, but still there shouldn’t be any as far as I know. Than again, I’m no expert on war teams points value, so @Guvnor @littleKAF @zephyr1, any ideas?

Sounds like a rounding issue, that is ever-present. For example, a team worth 152.5 points will net 153 points. Stack a few teams like that with similar rounding needs, and it can add up to the 5-10 point difference.


This thread should explain it:

Just in case OP is referring to total points of an Alliance even before the war starts (so not involving multiple hits to a target giving more points): yes, that is normal too, and happens due to roundings.

If a Team has as “current available points” an even number (let’s say 139), his “bonus points for victory” (that is half of the previous value) could not be 69.5, so is rounded up to 70. This way lead to such a minimal discrepancy even before starting fighting.

You can also get more points if more than one flag are required for an opponent. Say the opponent team is worth 50 points. Using two flags could result in getting 51 points from that kill. But you need two flags to do it.

The total available points from all opponent teams is only the points you get from an all-one-shot flip. A flip requiring multiple hits on some opponents could be a few points higher.

Hi Ian, wasn’t sure on the best way to get hold of you. Myself, Steve and DollarBill are all in an alliance called skeleton clique. We have 1 space available and think it would be a great alliance for you. Full participation all the time and we’re heading towards 12* titans again.

Hey, Russ, great hearing from you! I’ve been watching the clique from time to time since you and Steve first went there, sure seems like a solid alliance. I’ve been thinking about moving on from Ithilien, for the same reasons your father did, but I decided to give it one more chance for now. Anyway, unless things take a turn for the better in therms of titan and war participation, christmas will see me in a new alliance and the clique seems like a good place to be. Thsnks for the offer, don’t worry about the opening, other opportunities will come.

Thanks everyone for the reply. I also believe that it is a question of rounding. Although sometimes 5-10 points is a lot :slight_smile:

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