War Reset Bonus? – Additional Flag

It kinda sucks when you reset a team but out of flags and can’t get those extra points on the table! But…

Just an idea, it would be cool if alliances could earn 1 additional flag as a reset bonus. It would incentivize members to participate more, and it would make for some real serious battling.

I feel that would be unfair advantage over the opponents who don’t reset or doesn’t know about it. Not only that, but, if an alliance resets a board and is out of flags, it means that the best efforts of the alliance went into taking out the opponents defense teams, which means they setup good defenses. So if an alliance resets them by the skin of their teeth and then gets extra flags, it would be like punishing them for having good defense teams. :slight_smile:


But a reset can go both ways, and multiple resets can happen in the same war. So there were times that we reset a team, and then they reset us after, so that 1 extra flag could go either way. Just another competitive element that’s up for grabs fairly :slight_smile:

But you are only considering something that maybe the top 5% alliances do, who probably reset each other the same number of times. What about beginner and mid level alliances? There are 1 million active players and probably only 1% uses this forum and knows about these strategies. :slight_smile:

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Ahhh, okay I thought war resets were available to players of all levels and it was a known thing. Okay then that makes sense what you are conveying.

It is available to all players, but most players are not aware of it mostly in the beginner level alliances. And not everyone plays competitively, there are plenty of alliances who might be casual and do war hits whenever they can rather than coordinating for a reset. Especially, international alliances with members from multiple time zones. I feel that the boards been reset is already a reward in itself, as you get to kill a team quickly rather than wait for them to respawn. That’s why we all do this right? :slight_smile:

Without reset we cannot kill a team more than 3 times, but with reset we kill them 4 or 5 times… Which in itself is the incentive for the reset. :slight_smile:


Okay that makes sense, thanks for clarifying that.

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