War Reservation

Does anyone know how long it takes a war reservation to expire?

Is there a time limit for you to select a team during the “reservation,” before the same target can be taken by a teammate?

There have been reports of the war reservation being stuck for the rest of the war when the game abruptly disconnects (read crashes). I am not sure what happens if you exit the game with a reservation in place. It may reset, or it may reset when you leave the battlefield.

The longest I’ve seen was 15 minutes but as mentioned above, some alliances have reported hours. I always close out of the game and (touch wood), so far that seems to speed it up.

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Staff have indicated that it is a 15 minute time-out on “reserved”

There are cases tho / reports of this not being the case:

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We’ve longer than 15 minutes when player lost internet connection.

Yeah, it can hold for longer than 15 minutes if the player who holds the reserve doesn’t log back in.

In my experience, the best ways to clear a reservation is to have the player who holds the reservation either reserve a different target if available… if no other targets are available, they usually have to log off completely and log back in. Sometimes more than once.

Seems like my war reservations last 60 seconds…by the time i get done choosing an attack team, the system can no longer find the opponent and i have to begin all over again…would be nice if it was at least a 5 min hold.

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