War Reservation Stuck When Opponent Leaves Alliance

We ran into an issue today with a members reservation getting stuck on an opponent. This happened when an opponent left their alliance while our alliance member had a reservation on them.

NOTE: This is not the visual issue where you sometimes see old reservations or attacks on the field. These can be cleared by leaving the war board and returning. This reservation is actually stuck.

Info and screenshots:

  1. Our player had a reservation on the opponent when the opponent left their alliance.
  2. The opponents name changed to ‘ex-member’ while our player had a reservation.
  3. Our player did not actually attack the opponent, but went on the use his 3 flags elsewhere.
  4. No player can attack the ex-member on our opponents field.
  5. I have completely closed my game and restarted with no success.
  6. Not sure #5 would help anyway as this is visible to other members of the alliance.
  7. Reservation remained after our player logged off.
  8. We will not have the opportunity to clear the board due to not being able to attack this opponent.

Our player with a reservation while attacking another opponent (Yep, I know this happens with the visual bug sometimes. Sadly, not the same :disappointed_relieved:)

I am unable to attack the ex-member with the false reservation:

Our player is now offline, but the reservation still shows and we are unable to attack:

Our alliance member has used all his flags for the 1/2:

Forgot to add:

‘We Don’t Kneel’ vs ‘Guanche’s Warriors’

I know this won’t be looked at anytime soon as it is the weekend. My main concern is this could possibly be exploited by alliances. If leaving the alliance while your team has a reservation on it consistently causes the reservation to freeze, this would be a simple way to block your opponent from clearing your board. Definitely NOT good sportsmanship… :persevere:

I’m really hoping this is a one-time fluke where something didn’t work as expected. I’d like that to be looked at in case it is not.

There are penalties for leaving an alliance in the form of losing the war loot and chest progression, but after the original cup dropping issues with the first matching systems, I could see some group obsessed with winning setting up an extra player account just for exploiting this. :roll_eyes:

Agreed on all points. This one was a level 22 and shows he’d been with the alliance 12 days. He could easily be an alt, but he’s not back in the alliance yet so I doubt it. But then, they may just not understand that once you leave you are out of the war. Period.

I’m just more concerned that this could be exploited. How easy would it be to sit there waiting for someone to reserve an attack on your alt then leave? Your alliance would never get reset.

I work with programs like this and see all sorts of weird things happen that can’t be replicated. Really hoping that this is one of them. Our alliance will take the hit on not being able to reset. Just not wanting it to go further than that :unamused:

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Hello. Today in war my reservation got stuck and the enemy i was attacking did not leave the alliance. I just had a circle above my team amd u could see all others still fighting. I could also talk in chat but i had to log out of game and back in and then i recieved a zero score against that opponent and i could not use my best team again.

@Druss55 That is a different issue caused by a timeout when communicating with the server or a loss of connection . There are several threads on this as it happens to people about every war :expressionless: So far, There has been no solution to what you describe.

Just an update: Logged in this morning and no change to the issue. We’re still seeing it on multiple devices. Was hoping that letting the game be logged off overnight would help but it didn’t.

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I submitted a ticket for this already but want to put it here too. We had a member that was stuck in reservation on a team for 6-7 hours (until the war ended). We got down to this final team and could not attack it for the rest of the war, preventing a flip to get more points and use flags. Obviously, we lost the war, leaving about 40 flags that couldn’t be used. Additionally, because I came in after work in the final 5 hours, I couldn’t use a single flag. Two other members were in the same boat as me–unable to use even one flag. The team he was stuck on was an ex-member–I don’t know if that was a factor or not.

Negative effects:

  • Three of us lost participation in war chest, costing us future loot
  • Three of us missed out on the war loot
  • The whole alliance lost out on the chance to get winning loot instead of losing loot
  • The whole alliance missed out on the chance to add additional points to our war chest
  • The other alliance got a cheap win at our expense
  • We missed out on the fun of competing and participating

I think this is deserving of compensation.

Screenshot_2019-07-11-11-39-16 Screenshot_2019-07-10-23-07-24 Screenshot_2019-07-10-23-06-36 Screenshot_2019-07-10-23-06-26

This happens occasionally :unamused: I reported it 8 months ago (according to the time stamp of my post… Wow… was it really that long ago!?!).

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Rook care to merge?

War Reservation Stuck When Opponent Leaves Alliance

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

(And I reopened this thread.)


I’ve received no response from SG either from my ticket or on here. Very frustrating.

They usually take a couple business days to reply, so I’m wondering if it’s just because we hit the weekend.

If you don’t get a reply by the end of Monday, can you tag me, and I’ll message them to see if they can look up your ticket?

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Just out of curiosity…
When your member reserved this enemy was it an ex member already? Or he/she left his/her alliance while your member was getting prepared?
And then what happened to your member? Did the game forbidden him from attacking the enemy or he decided to withdraw and the reservation stayed?
After that did he tried to attack the ex member again and didn’t allow him cause the enemy was reserved by himself? Or did he spend his attacks elsewhere without getting back?

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I don’t know when that person left but he left all six flags. Our member used his flags on other opponents and did not go back to attack the one that was reserved.

When this happened to our alliance, our member had a reservation on the opposing team when the player left. I watched it happen (yes, I’m very OCD on Wars and am constantly checking :rofl: ).

We’ve had many instances where an opponent left and we were later able to hit the team without issues. I think this is only an issue when the player leaves at the same time there is a reservation or battle going g against him/her.


I received a reply stating that they were able to identify the issue and resolve it :slight_smile: They compensated us too, which was nice :slight_smile: I’d post the message here but I think it’s against the rules to post text from SG staff, right @zephyr1?


Glad to hear they resolved it!

Yes, unfortunately posting messages from SG isn’t allowed in the #forum-rules.

Was there anything people should know to avoid the issue, or do people just need to contact Support if there’s an issue?


They said that they found the problem and fixed it. So hopefully there are no further issues. The issue would occur if you were reserving a player at the same time that they left the alliance. So I don’t think you can do anything to avoid it other than never reserve without attacking or don’t have bad timing lol.


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