War Request: Mock Replay Following Battle

I just lost badly in a war fight and afterward I wondered… what if I had used a different team?

So this feature request would be exactly that: a “Mock Replay” button to be used immediately following a fight, in which you replay against the same heroes at the same starting health, but with the ability to choose a different team. And of course the outcome wouldn’t count toward your Alliance score. This could be a great opportunity for learning, as well as satisfy the doubts we have after the result is not what we had hoped for.

This could only be used after a fight, because it wouldn’t be fair to know what the outcome might be before you actually played your flag.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


Are there other threads for @Kerridoc to merge this one with?

@Rigs I actually thought this was a somewhat distinctive idea, since most similar ideas are about live spectator or recordings of War hits for other alliance members, variations on sparring/trial hits, or practice wars within or between alliances.

I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone suggest this sort of “practice do-over” on a specific War hit in particular, especially with the mechanic of the team you’re attacking being in the same state as before your previous hit.

I took a quick look around and don’t see any obvious matches. You could try searching too. :wink:

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I wasn’t sure either

That’s why i tagged you for another opinion

Thanks for looking tho

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@Rigs Looks like someone actually came up with a new idea for once lol.

Kudos @AdrianW2008 on your originality!


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