War, raids and titan board single tiles

I’m puzzled with the boards, weekly there is 3 or 4 days where on titan whatever heros you take in you simply get a board that has 1 match all over at once and not on the weak point, regardless of what you try it keeps the 1 match board, when this happens the raids board is the same… can someone explain the logic of the board? Really its frustrating when u don’t have any choice except to play the 1 and only match then again 1 match and so on until the end… in raids it even worst as it gives you that 1 match tiles infront of the hero with the weakest color.

When this happens, whatever color whatever heros you take in the board is the same with 1 match only, I can even predict the next tile match, even it happens that there is no match and board shuffle and no match and reshuffle and end up with 1 match only!!!

Not to mention also when this happens also the same board with 1 match comes in the AW …

Has a lot do with your team power level. If you go in stronger, you won’t see boards like that. If you go in weaker, the game is designed for the stronger team to be more powerful. Also, learned hard way, but stack single color heroes. Those single hits might be enough to whittle away at the defense. Games not designed to use rainbow teams. Sad but true; disappointing.

Don’t think thats the way pseudo-RNG works…or any RNG for that matter

Games can be tweaked but still be considered random. We see this with summon which are considered random, right?

I should prob said “as often” also… i do get those similiar boards because it is random and tweaked so starting board has no tile matches.

All he can is adjust his teams.

Stronger than a team power of over 4650? Having 5 stars heros fully talented at 20 with troops leveled ar 25? Believe me I tried playing with troops between defense and attack and all combinations of heros, but when this logic of whatever board decide to give you single tile match it stays single tile match the whole day or 2 regardless, you want the funny part? I have gone full green heros to start the board with 1 single cube green in the whole board that i didn’t get any green match the whole game, 2nd try also 2 tiles green only and board decided to start flashing combo’s of blue and red so all his heros charging special power … game over and frustrating as its not related to anything but game tweaks logic decide its not your day nor it want you to win.

By the way also to when this bad board on, a 30 heros pull didn’t give a single 5 star hero, it gave 29 of the 3 stars and 1 hero 4 star and the 3 stars heros mostly 3 different heros only!

Seems time to find a more interesting game to play rather than this after 3 years

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