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Got paired in alliance wars with a team that i guess cancelled the alliance after matching:

So… what happen now?


That’s an odd one. I’ll ask on the mod thread but I expect they will ask for a support ticket in the first instance.

Also, it’s the weekend, so you might not get an immediate response unfortunately.

One would assume it’s a guaranteed win :thinking:


But scratch games in raids means you lose (ie, last fighter on both sides dies on last strike). It doesn’t seem impossible that 0-to-0 could be an automatic loss, the icing would be having to wait until the war is over to find out. An odd one, indeed.


This makes me wonder what happens if an odd number off alliances in total participates in alliance wars :thinking:

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I have had that happen, but it was after the war had ended. So, there are no teams on the field on their side?

Wars a tie would end in 3 chest points for both teams(or the only team in this case)

@Elpis let us know if their defense teams are on the field when war starts?

By current war rules:

-their defense teams should still be on the field when war starts so you have a target to hit

-if both teams end up with the same score(0 in this case if the d teams don’t appear as they should) both sides would get 3 chest points

Really you’re correct in that it should just be an easy win


If I recall correctly, this ends up as a forfeit and you win by default. Back when they first instituted the requirement that war defenses had to have 5 heroes, we got matched against an alliance that tried to use the single hero defense. Since all their defense teams were ineligible, we won by default.

I don’t remember whether we got 5 points or 3 toward the chest though. I want to say 5, but I’m not sure.


source (2)


I can only imagine a forfeit as a win for your alliance. I believe when they made you have 5 hero’s in your team that several teams unintentionally forfeited by trying the single aife strategy although I have no recollection of the points the winners were allocated.

@NPNKY, after reading your post I found this

Dead alliance in war?


I think it depends

If they just left the alliance then i believe their defenses would take the field under “ex-member”

If they ate their defenses or something then we would see the forfeit

Having not faced the situations myself i could be full of :poop:

So i would take the word of those more experienced such as npynky and the threads linked over my speculations


No auto-win, but there’s only 1 “ex-member” on the ground.

So i just need to do 1 point.


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