War question/problem

A member of my alliance was unable to take part in the war. Last night he set his team and was ready to go, this morning he was no longer on the battlefield. Why would this happen?
Also, in the rules it states that anyone level 12 and up can participate and in my alliance we have 17 players that qualify but only 14 are out there. Why would that be?
Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Was it set as 5 heroes DT?
Its the only thing that comes to my mind right now…

I know at least 2 of the 3 missing were set at 5.
If they aren’t set at 5 does that disqualify? I also remind them the day before to make sure their teams are set up.

If you dont have 5 heroes you are out of war…

Thank you for that info! I will add that in with my prep day posts.
Do you by any chance know if there is a limit to how many players can participle in the war?
Maybe that’s why some of my guys got booted. 2 of them were the lowest levels over 12 so I wonder if we had a limit and they just took out our lowest level players.

I have just taken out a enemy team in the war, however after it it came up with the explosion but didn’t register any points. I logged back into the game to see that it had used my war Titan and have a score of 0 against my attack. Anyone got any advice?

Max is 30…as max in aliance if all are above lvl 12

Yes…there is a bug when you ein and score 0 points…the devs are working on it…
Dont know what you mean with war titan ??what was used?? Team that you have for titan or…??

Ah okay, I was just meaning that it used up my war ticket and never gave me any score for it. Then I couldn’t use that team again to attack

COMPLAINT about enemy aid. It is proposterious. I was batteling a team. Actually had a good board a rareity. Got the team down to rigard. I had all 5 hero’s left. Rigard then proceeded to take out my fully ascended 4* team with 4* troops. Then he took out my 4* team stuck at 3\60. Then my 3* fully ascended team. I hit him with 18 special skills with the fully ascended 4* team about the same with my team at 3\60 and my fully ascended 3* team. Was total b’s. That enemy aid is absurd. No way that should have happened. Can’t get decent titan loot. Getting a 70000 average on each titan. I get a little ham( under 20000) , a little iron again under 20000. A green leaf backpack 3 gems oil and a replay ticket. I haven’t got a titan flask in 3 months. I have dumped about $1000 into this game and still only have 3 5* hero’s stuck at 2/60. What am I doing wrong? Getting very frustrated.