War pts calculation

Hey all . Just curious . How is the amount of pts your defense team is worth in war calculated ? 1 war im worth 60 then 50 etc ?

It is based on your war defense’s total health compared with that of each other alliance member. The points pool is a fixed quantity of 1,000 points. And 500 total points or half that for a victory .

If you run heroes with high health like Horghall instead of melendor, your point value would go way up. Troops will also effect it. Your personal point value can change war to war based off your war defense or other members defense changing or improving. Value also shifts largely with how many participants. But spreads out based on health pool.


@Buryyourdead this is one of the best explanations I’ve seen on here… and I’ve had to explain it many times. :grin: Nicely done!

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Thank you so much!! I was typing it in on a cellphone which can really get clunky and lost as i ramble. Re read a few times and hoped it made sense

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