War problem

Hallo can You explain me How you Choice for US this People to war? We don’t have chance from start . How we can win?!

What are the titan scores of each alliance?

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Normally we have 7 but on this day when the war it’s that we have 8 .

You are paired by your titan score not by the titan your fighting

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OK OK I am understand thank you for your Time :slight_smile:

Hi my alliance won the war but it shows as defeated can you tell me what so?

Your alliance have less points than your opponent?

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What you need to do next time is score more points than your opponents instead of fewer points than your opponents. Then it will say that you have won.

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We had an issue where an alliance had out up 2 of their def teams with single hero’s. This in itself was not a problem but one of the players def team disappeared one it had been defeated. Not just waiting to regen but totally disappeared.
We thought that maybe the person had left the alliance which would cause this as the attack report showed ex member but on looking at their alliance list it was fortune this player was still there and showed he had joined 60 days ago.
This is in no way meant to be taken as a complaint against the other team just that it appears to be a bug .
Screenshots to show this are below image

This is so strange :sunny:

Сегодня выкинуло из войны и очки боя не засчитались, а так же ПРОПАЛИ два 4* перса из основной команды (прокачаны максимально)

Translation: Today, threw out of the war and the points of the battle were not counted, as well as disappeared two 4* Persians from the main team (pumped as much as possible)

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Missing screenshot

Mira can you show me pictures screenshot?

Те которые были персы, не смогу показать, кто же знал что они пропадут

Translation: Those who were Persians, I can not show who knew that they would be lost

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Я це розумію. Моя порада полягає в тому, що ви перейдете до розділу “Інші мови” та напишіть там свій запит.

Translation (Ukrainian): I understand that. My advice is that you will go to the “Other Languages” section and write your request there.

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mira дайте мне минуту, я спрошу других на английском, возможно, кто-то поможет

Translation: Mira give me a minute, I’ll ask others in English, maybe someone will help

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Does anyone know what could have happened? . Mira lost two heroes after yesterday’s war. Thanks for the help .

Меня выкинуло из войны. Из альянса я не выходила. З раза атаковала противника и заработала 110 очков, спустя время зашла в войну чтобы еще раз атаковать но уже был режим наблюдателя. Почему так случилось? Uploading…

Translation: I was thrown out of the war. I did not leave the alliance. Z times attacked the enemy and earned 110 points, after a time went to war to once again attack but already had an observer mode. Why did it happen so?

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